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I have not seen a supplemental policy that would cover the difference. If you did happen to be lucky enough to find such a policy that would, make sure there is not a limitation for a "pre-existing condition" or a waiting period that would need to be satisfied before "major" treatment, like root canals & crowns, is allowed. Doesn't help with your original question, but may be of use if you do find your answer. Best of luck!

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Q: If coverage under a company plan pays 50 percent for root canal and crowns can you get a supplemental plan that covers part or all of the other 50 percent?
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What Is Supplemental Insurance and Do You Need It?

You may have heard of supplemental insurance but not felt clear about what it is, or whether you need it. You may have heard the term "Medicare supplement" and thought that supplemental insurance is only for Medicare recipients. Or you may have questions about exactly how supplemental insurance fits into your financial and healthcare needs. Supplemental insurance is exactly what it sounds like: Insurance that pays over and above what your primary insurance policy covers. It is not intended to replace the insurance you have now. Rather, it is intended to provide coverage for expenses not included in your existing insurance plan. You can think of supplemental insurance as picking up the tab for the expenses that you would normally pay out of pocket. These policies might pay your deductible, for instance. You may also buy supplemental insurance to cover hospitalization or intensive care costs that your insurance does not cover. Cancer policies are a popular form of supplemental insurance, as are accident and accidental death policies. These policies cover the additional hospitalization and doctor expenses over the spending cap of many traditional policies. In deciding whether you need supplemental insurance, consider the coverage you already have, as well as your financial circumstances. If your policy has limitations, as most do, you may want to consider speaking with an agent about the supplemental insurance coverage available to you. Most of us cannot afford to become catastrophically ill or suffer a life-threatening or fatal accident. While our insurance policies cover most of our normal medical needs, chances are they would not cover all of a major illness or injury. If you don't know what your current insurance covers, find out, and consider how you would handle an injury or illness that "maxed out" your insurance. If you have any doubt about your ability to financially weather a medical disaster, you probably do need supplemental insurance. Supplemental insurance may be likened to wearing a belt and suspenders. Most of the time your current coverage will meet all of your needs, but when it does not, supplemental insurance will make things easier for you.

What does home insurance covers?

is there coverage if a rock hits a home

What is third party in construction?

A third party, regardless of the industry, is any entity or being other than the first party, which is you. Property is a "first party" insurance coverage since it covers YOUR property. Liability is a "third party" insurance coverage because it covers parties other than you who might bring a suit against your company.

How can you get a refund when your mortgage company and you both pay for homeowners?

Yes and it happens quite often. Usually when you let you Homeowners insurance cancel or change companies and fail to notify your insurance company to send a copy to the mortgagee. If the mortgagee does not have proof that you have insurance and have them listed on such insurance, they will place "force-placed" coverage on the property to protect themselves and they will charge you for this coverage. As long as you get them notified and proof quickly, they will cancel their policy and refund you the premium. Make sure you know that the coverage they purchase on your behalf only covers them and covers no contents of yours, no liability coverage, and only covers the bare minimum coverage. And it is usually more expensive than homeowners you buy on your own. When you get a mortgage on your home your agreement is that you keep insurance on the home. If you let it cancel or don't have such insurance you are in breech of contract and they could foreclose on your home or put this coverage on it, their choice.

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Homeowners insurance covers many things for a homeowner and varies from coverage to coverage. It covers personal liability, damage to one's dwelling and the contents inside the dwelling.

Can coverage on a non-owners auto insurance policy be extended to a company car that I drive?

No, Non Owners often referred to as Named Driver insurance never covers a company vehicle. It is the responsibility of your company to provide insurance for it's employees when driving a company vehicle.

What is covered in car insurance?

In Car insurance, the First Party coverage part covers damage to your own vehicle, whereas with Third Party coverage, when a pedestrian get hit by your car (incurring death or permanent disability), the loss will be compensated by the Insurance Company.

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Auto insurance includes: liability, collision, comprehensive.Liability covers what you do to someone else's property and body.Collision covers your car when you are at fault in a collision.Comprehensive covers uninsured motorists, theft, vandalism. natural disasters and the like.the answer is liability coverage

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