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Yes, A physical change has taken place. The water has evaporated and left the sugar. Neither substance has changed its identity.


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Explain whether a chemical formula can describe a solution?

A compound is described by a chemical formula, not the solution which is a mixture.

Is the process of making an alloy a physical or chemical change explain?

Physical change.

Would you say that burning a candle is a physical or chemical change explain?

It is both a physical and chemical change. The burning of the wick s chemical while the candle melting being physical.

Is the property of copper a physical or a chemical property explain?

Copper has both chemical and physical properties. You will need to specify which property you are asking about

Is stone breaking a physical change?

Breaking of stone is a physical or chemical change? Explain.

Is twisting a wire chemical or physical change explain?

It is physical. The wire changes shape, but it is still made of the same materials.

Is it a chemical or physical change when heat is put over sugar?

its physical explain,the conversion of solid to liquid is physical

Burning of wick is physical or chemical change?

It is a chemical change. I cannot explain my answer, which doesn't help very much but I am sure that it isn't a physical change.

Explain the difference between chemical properties and physical properties?

physical property happens by itself or from things in nature. chemical property happens by outside.

Explain the meaning of physical and chemical changes when separating a mixture?

When you separate a physical change the identities of the substance do not change so it will be physical.

Explain why the temperature at which wax melts is a physical property and not a chemical property.?

I have no clue

Can matter undergo changes in both its physical and its chemical properties Explain please?


Explain why changes of state are physical changes?

The identity of the property does not change so the physical properties change but not the chemical

17 Explain the difference between a physical equilibrium and a chemical equilibrium?

The difference is that chemical equilibrium is the equilibrium of products and reactants in a reaction while physical equilibrium is the equilibrium of the physical states of the same substance.

Explain the difference between chemical and physical weathering?

Chemical weathering is which makes new substances, whereas physical weathering is where rock is changed into smaller pieces of the same substance.

If Brand X aluminum foil is thicker than Brand Y is thickness a physical property or chemical property explain?

Thickness is a physical property without any relation with chemical composition or chemical changes.

Explain why evaporation of water is a physical change and not a chemical change?

Because its non- flammable and it is reactive

Does food go thought a chemical physical or both change during digestion Explain?


Explain why dissolving is a physical change?

Because it is not a chemical change, and the molecular properties of the substance are not changed

Explain what a chemical change is?

a chemical change is a change which brings about a change in the chemical properties of a substance which cannot be reversed through physical means like heating or cooling.

Explain why sublimation and deposition are classified as physical changes?

Sublimation and deposition are physical changes because you haven't changed the chemical nature of the substance.

Explain physical change and give examples?

A physical change is a change in the physical properties of a substance without a change in its chemical composition.Physical change is usually reversible and temporary.

Explain the physical and chemical properties of water?

Water's physical properties include it's boiling and freezing points. Water's chemical properties include it's ability to bond and it's flammability.

Explain why the temperature at which wax melts is a physical property and not a chemical property?

It is a physical property and not a chemical property because the wax that has melted can be molded and cooled into the exact same shape as its original shape.

When water is boiled in a pot it bubbles Is this the result of a chemical reaction Explain why or why not?

It is a physical change because it is evaporation. Physical changes can be undone. If it was a chemical reaction it would be permanent like burning wood.