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Just file and when the question asks about other coverage - answer it honestly. I see so many questions on this site about primary - secondary and don't understand all the confusion. Just fill out the forms and wait for payment.

I've search all over the Insurance Code

and Westlaw and haven't found the rules on which company is primary, other than Medicare in groups of over 20. I've been in the business 20+ years and haven't found it to be a real issue.

The birthday rule applies here. If the fathers month and day of birth falls before the mothers than he will pay as primary. If the mother submits a claim and the insurance company pays as primary and it turns out that they were not, the will and can ask for that money back, up to and including the involvement of a collection agency.

Most insurance companies have an automatic system that automatically flags a dependant that may have the possibility of other coverage.

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Q: If divorced parents both carry insurance and father's is primary can the mother file hers as primary?
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If parents are divorced which insurance is primary?

I think the wife's insurance is primary.

Do you have to be added to your parents insurance policy if you are primary driver of one of their vehicles and you have insurance policy of your own?

yes, simple as that.

If you are 16 and want to get married do you need both parents' permission or only the one with primary custody?

Yes, Primary is all that is required if Parents are Divorced and custudy is in one or the other parent.

How is the primary policy for health insurance determined when a child is covered under both divorced parents' policies?

I would say use both insurance's because neither of them pay 100%. Use one insurance for primary and let the other insurance pick up what the other one doesn't pay. Kind of like a supplemental insurance. ==Answer == Absolutely use both. If you get to make the determination then choose as primary the one with the greatest benefit. Don't be surprised however if each wants to claim that the other is primary. What it may come down to in that situation is the one that was in place first will likely be considered primary.

If parents are divorced then under whose policy is the child covered?

Usually the primary custodial parent, but parents may make other arrangements if they wish.

Who has primary insurance coverage for a dependent child when both parents have coverage?

The parent who was born first in the year. In other words if the mom was born in June and the father was born in July, then the primary insurance would be covered by the mother. This also applies to both parents being born in the same month. Whoever was born first is the primary holder of the insurance.

What is the birthday rule for insurance?

Parents, whose birthday month falls first in the year is the primary payers

What is the definition of primary coverage in regard to medical insurance?

Often, a person will have "primary" insurance and "secondary" insurance. For example, if you have insurance through your job, and your husband has insurance through his job, then your primary insurance will be the one through your job, and your secondary insurance will be the one through your husband's job. Also, your husband's insurance through his job will be his primary, and yours through your job will be his secondary. There can be some exceptions to this though. For example, if you were married, had a child, then divorced and remarried (retaining custody of the child), and both your ex and current husbands have insurance through work, then the one who's birthday is first is considered the "primary" insurance, and the other is the "secondary" insurance. But there will still be a deductible with each one that has to be met before either one will pay.

Is your insurance considered your primary insurance?


When divorced and Mom bills her primary insurance for child and gets reimbursed is it Mom or Dad who's responsible to submit claim for balance to Dad's secondary insurance He says Mom she says Dad?

ask your mom.

What is meant by primary and secondary insurance coverage?

Primary insurance coverage is what is first used when a medical service is being rendered. This is what will be billed first. Secondary insurance is supposed to cover what the primary insurance does not.

Who's group health insurance is primary for depdent children a step father's or the natural father's insurance?

* The insurance plan of the parent with legal custody of the child. * The plan of the spouse of the parent with legal custody of the child. * Last is the plan of the parent who does not have legal custody of the child. * ** There can be some discrepancy, depending on a court decree, if there are no specific terms on a court decree (stating only that the parents share joint custody), the benefit determination would be the same as the first bullet above where if the parents are not separated or divorced, the insurance of the parent whose birthday occurs first in a calendar year is considered the primary insurance while the other paren'ts benefits are considered the secondary coverage.

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