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Generally, recovery agents cannot arrest you. If they happened to find illegal contraband in your personals when they did their inventory, usually they will either just throw it out or turn it in the police. How the police take it from there is up to them.

AnswerNo!!!!!!!! repo agents are not cops ...THANK GOD .....who says its yours maybethe repo guy left it when he parked your car or when he was busy ripping your stereo out or looting your personal possssions!!!!!
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Q: If drugs are found in a vehicle after it was repossessed along with your id and personal items can you be charged if the vehicle is not in your name?
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In Florida when a car is repossessed do you still have to pay for it?

The vehicle will be sold. That amount will be applied to your balance. You will be responsible for the remainder owed along with any fees associated with the legal aspects etc

If your ex-spouse let a vehicle that you owned together get repossessed and in the divorce he was ordered to take the debt how do you go about getting it off your credit?

Write a letter along with proof that he was ordered to take the debt to the agency in which you had the loan.

Is it legal for them to take a car seat in a repossession?

well if you would of paid your bills on time it wouldn't of happend but yea its legal wat ever is in the car stays in the car I do not know what "State" the above "answer" came from, but do both agree and disagree. When a vehicle is repossessed then naturally enough the person doing the repossession is going to reclaim the vehicle along with whatever personal property may happen to be inside the vehicle. If the "owner" of the vehicle wishes to reclaim the personal property (for whatever reason, but basically because he/she can not reclaim the vehicle itself,) then that owner must be afforded a supervised opportunity to remove personal property from the vehicle within some period of days. The reason for that is very simple. The "lienholder" has no lawful claim upon the contents of the vehicle, (and the "repo man" has absolutely no legal claim to the vehicle at all, EXCEPT as being the "agent of" the lienholder (acting on the lienholder's instructions and in the lienholder's steed). The lienholder has a cliam only upon the vehicle itself. To put it simply: Generally, anything attached to, bolted onto or permanently made a part of the vehicle stays with/on the vehicle (i.e., stereo, speakers, wheels, tires and so forth). On the other hand, actual personal property (i.e., glasses, CD's, child's car seats, umbrellas, money, checks, etc.,) belong to the "owner" of the vehicle, NOT the lienholder.

In Arizona when car is repossessed do you need to pay the whole balance left on the loan or what you owe to get the vehicle back?

Depends on your bank and what the history is with the loan. They have the option to make you pay the entire amount of the loan. They can also allow you to just bring the loan current along with any other fees to get it back.

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I bought a used vehicle from a used car lot and my car was recently repossessed what do I do when the company is over charging me made up as they go along fees in order to get my car back?

Pay the fees or give up the car. You will likely be turned over for collection on anything the dealer does not collect when he sells the car.

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What am I obligated to pay for when getting my car back after it's been repossessed?

Pretty much whatever the agency that repossessed your car says you have to. Minimally, you can expect to have to bring any missed payments current, and to pay the actual expenses the loan agency incurred in having your car repossessed. This will include the fees charged by the repo agency, storage fees, and so forth. If there's a particular fee you don't think you should have to pay, you can try asking about it specifically, but in general the lender has the right to pass along "reasonable and customary" (this means "not out of line with industry standards", not necessarily what you personally might consider "reasonable") charges to you.

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In New York State if a sp0use dies is the reamaing spouse responsible for a car loan the decesed had in their name only?

You are the surviving spouse and as such, you get the car along with the debt associated with the vehicle. You could of course just let the bank repossess the car, which would be a horrible idea. You can't keep the car without making the payments. Your choice, pay for it or let it be repossessed.