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Take god or any gods out of the facts, there are no facts, no evidence, nothing to prove the existence of divine beings so why quote this religious rubbish


to be pre ordained is a notion that things are decided before they happen, clearly another pile of unsubstantiated waffle

Your observation about god is crap, god does not exist, neither does magic, the zodiac, the devil, cure by diluted water (they call it homeopathy), grow up and smell the evolution.

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Structured diagram of operating system?

You can find these online. They will include all of the components such as the main computer and everything that runs off it.

Does cash budget include operating supplies?

operating supplies

Is it true that Some operating systems such as Windows XP include uncompress capabilities.?

Some operating systems such as Windows XP include uncompress capabilities?

Explain all types of operating system with diagram?

There are basically four types of operating systems. They include Batch Operating System, Multiprogramming Operating System, Network Operating System and Distributed Operating System.

What are the server operating systems?

A server operating system is an operating system that is designed to run on servers. Some of the operating systems include; Windows, Mac OS, and Linux.

What does not include the areas of the base?

Almost everything in the universe does not include the areas of the base. For example, my keyboard or my fingers.Almost everything in the universe does not include the areas of the base. For example, my keyboard or my fingers.Almost everything in the universe does not include the areas of the base. For example, my keyboard or my fingers.Almost everything in the universe does not include the areas of the base. For example, my keyboard or my fingers.

Can you file bankruptcy to include your home?

You MUST include everything you owe AND everything you own. No choice or picking and choosing.

All maps include bias because?

They do not include everything.

Non operating expenses?

Non-operating expenses include the salary of the CEO and the rent expense for the facilities. Non-operating expenses are a part of overhead costs.

Do you include operating expense on the statement of cash flow?


What is the non crash cost of driving?

The noncrash costs of driving include operating costs, fixed costs, and environmental costs. Operating costs include: gas, oil, and tires. The more you drive, the greater your operating costs. Fixed costs include: the purchas price of the vehicle, insurance, and licensing fees.

Is operating revenues the same as total income?

Operating revenue is the revenue which is earned from basic business operating activities while in tolal income may include revenue from non operating activities as well.

What does a McDonald's manager test include?


How would you describe an operating budget?

Operating budgets identify the use of resources in operating activities. They include production budgets, purchase budgets, human resources budgets, and sales budgets.

What are the function of operating system?

The functions of an operating system include booting the computer and performing basic tasks. The operating system manages the keyboard and mouse. It provides a graphical user interface.

What items are carried by polar explorers?

Items that are carried by polar explorers include food, cleats, climbing packs, ropes, flashlights, flash-heaters, and heavy coats. Other items include tents and thermal packs.

Which operating system has tcpip built into it?

Lots of operating systems include a TCP/IP stack. These include Windows (NT/98/2000/ME/XP/Vista), Mac OS X, Linux, FreeBSD, and Solaris.

What are operating systems and utility programs?

The operating system is the core piece of software that runs after bootup. Names of operating systems include Windows, Leopard, and Linux. A utility program is a piece of software that helps a user maintain their computer. Utility programs include defragmentation software and CCleaner.

What is the current versions operating systems for Linux?

You need to include the names of the Operating Systems if you want a answer, because there are hundreds of different Linux variations.

What operating systems are available on smartphones from Verizon wireless?

Verizon wireless smartphones have a few different operating systems available. Operating systems include Android, Windows Phone, Google and Blackberry.

Is it true that some operating systems such as windows include uncompression capabilities?


Do some operating systems include video and audio editing software?


What are the advantages and disadvantages of mobile operating system?

Advantages of a mobile operating system include convenience, open source platforms being well-supported, and notification ease. Disadvantages include instability, and poor battery quality.

What science does a doctor's job include?

I think its everything

Running water as an agent of erosion would not include?

water vapor carried by the winds