If father paying child support has another child does child support go down?

Support for the eldest child should not decrease based on the second child. When determining support for the second child, if any, he court/agency will take into consideration support ordered and actually paid for the first child.

But, this is variable from state to state as a civil rights issue can come into play. A father does not carry 100% of the care of a child. The mother carries a percentage, but how for you tell the custodial mother that she may not reduce her obligation to the first child when having another. In any intact family, as more children are born, the portion of family resources being spent on the older child is reduced to cover the additional cost of the new child. This is a growing problem with the growth of extended families and can only truly be addressed by restricting all parties to having no more children until the first are grown. This could addressed through the use of Bird Nest Custody.

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