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It is not very likely that semen will seep out of the condom, but it is a possibility. This is why it is best to remove the penis from the vagina directly after he ejaculates in the condom, and while the penis is still hard. Do not let the penis get limp inside of the vagina with a condom on!!!

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Q: If he ejaculates in the condom and he is still in you can the semen seep out and get you pregnant?
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If you throw the condom in the toilet can you still take it out and insert the semen can you still get pregnant?

No. Once the semen enters the condom, the stuff they put in the condom kills the semen right away.

If your semen is inside the condom can she still be pregnant?

highly unlikely that she is pregnant

Can you get pregnant if the guys semen is coming out clear?

Color of semen has nothing to do with his fertility. He can still have the same number of sperm in his semen. If the egg is present when he ejaculates, you can still get pregnant even if the semen is runny and clear like water.

Can you still get pregnant if he came in the condom?

No so long as none of his semen came out of the condom into the Vagina.

Can a girl get pregnant if you wear a condom and the condom is used effectively and you pull out?

the purpose of a condom is to hold all the semen. as long as the semen is still in the condom and it is disposed of properly, that the girl should be just fine.

Can you still get pregnant if your boyfriend ejaculates before sex?

Yes, because it is normal for some semen to remain in the urethra.

What if you use a condom and wear underwear can you still get pregnant?

The semen has to be able to enter your vagina so no.

If there is semen inside a condom and you insert it inside you ten minutes after can you still get pregnant?

No, go for fresh sperm and enjoy!!!

Can you get pregnant if he takes his condom off after he got sperm and then he play with his penis on your vagina?

Yes, there is still semen on his penis, so putting it any near the vagina can get you pregnant.

Could you be pregnant if the condom falls off outside the body but remains stuck to the exterior of the vagina and the semen spills down your leg and some is still inside the condom stuck to the vagin?


How do you get pregnant with using a condom?

Condoms are not guaranteed to prevent pregnancy, they just HELP to prevent pregnancy. It is possible to get pregnant while using a condom because if the condom is not applied correctly, or is too tight, it may break or bust, or it could slide off, and semen leaks out. If the condom is applied correctly, the very top of it will have air in it(at the head of the penis), so the semen will have somewhere to go. It can't be sucked closed with no air in it. But, even if it is applied correctly, it can still break, or semen can still leak out, so it is helpful to still use birth control if having sex, while trying not to get pregnant. Also, condoms do not prevent STD's.

How effective is coitus interruption as a birth control method?

it is usually never effective, because even if he pulls out before he ejaculates, there is still a little chance that some of his semen is inside you, and you can still get pregnant.

Can you get pregnant in a jacuzzi even if using a condom?

Even with a condom there is still a chance that you can get pregnant.

Can you still be pregnant if he uses a condom and the condom was used right and he came in the condom?


If a male ejaculates three times in a row does the third ejaculate have semen and can you get pregnant from that?

Anytrime a male ejaculates, the fluid itself is called semen and, yes, each time there will be sperm. Also, if he ejaculated the second time outside of you, but still near your vulva, you are still taking a risk at getting pregnant. The third time will still contain sperm, and if he did indeed ejaculate in your vagina, there is a very high chance you will get pregnant unless you are both using contraceptives I'm sorry, but if you don't know the answer to this, you shouldn't be having sex!

Is it possible to become pregnant if both people are fully dressed?

Sure. As long as the penis is inside her vagina or ejaculates semen right at the entrance or use his fingers to insert it, you can wear a overall and boots and still get her pregnant.

If you wash semen with water if it falls on stomach are there any chances of getting pregnant if the water slides down?

There is ZERO possibility of getting pregnant that way. You can, however, get pregnant by having sex and not using a condom...sounds like "semen on the stomach" is referring to the pull-out method...and you can STILL get pregnant doing that.

If a man comes in a condom then takes it off and penetrate his female partner again can she become pregnant?

When a man ejaculates in a condom and takes it off, some of his sperm may still be on his penis. As such, if he penetrates his partner again, sperm may be pushed in the vagina, thus making her at risk of becoming pregnant.

If a condom breaks but no semen is present in it can you still get pregnant?

yup you can still get pregnant because the conmdom could have been broken before used and plus just because it isn't present doesnt mean it didnt go in

Can you get you period and still be pregnant if you didn't use a condom?

Your question is unclear but yes you can get pregnant if you don't use a condom. You can get pregnant if you do use a condom. If very rare cases you can have a period when pregnant

Can pregnancy occur if semen comes out of condom with no rips?

If semen comes out, even though it has no rips, it is still possible

If a a guy cumes out side of a girl and insert the penis again can you get pregnant?

Yes you can. When a male ejaculates, his semen exits through his penis... you already know this. But what many don't know or remember is that some of that semen gets trapped inside of the penis and needs to be flushed out. So, if a male ejaculates outside of a woman and re-enters her (assuming he can still go) that leftover semen will either leak into her or be flushed out by more precum.

If you thoroughly wipe semen off a condom can it still cause pregnancy if the condom is used?

just buy a pack of 6

I'm on birth control but do miss some days and use a condom can I still get pregnant?

Yes, you can still get pregnant. But only if the condom is misused or breaks.

Can you not get pregnant when sperm is yellow?

Semen can be yellowish and still be normal so you can still get pregnant.