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it means he likes you, but he is nervous around you


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Means nothing. It could be she isn't even looking at you.

If she stares at you then it might mean that she likes you or maybe she likes someone around you or thinks you are cute.

He is probably one of those guys who just stares around at anything.

Maybe he doesnt know how to start a conversation with someone he likes, maybe he is nervous around you.

Maybe, all girls and boys do something when they are nervous. Usually when I am nervous to be around someone (because I want to be perfect around them) I usually do not talk right and stumble over my words. If the person you think likes you does that, then that might mean he likes you, but you will NEVER know, until he askes you out or something like that.

* she stares at you a lot * she may become nervous around you * she likes being around you * she gives you her phone number tip- when i like a boy a lot I always stare at them or find a way to get closer to them

It usually depends how he acts around you if he's nervous or he tends to smile alot and he stares at you then looks away then maybe

if he stares at you (not glaring) or seems to always be staring at you. if he gets nervous around you that's bout it

As you get older he gets more nervous to ask you out most likely. OR He is to nervous to go around you and your friends and would much rather keep picturing you nude.

He probably fancies you... He is probably just to nervous to say anything and if you like him back try and make the first move or find a way to find out for definate if he likes you.

It may mean he likes you and when you look at him he gets shy and turns around.

Okay, she likes you, hands down. No other answer. She's to nervous to talk to you dude because she's afraid of saying something stupid obviously. She doesn't smile because she's trying not to make it too obvious she likes you.

It sounds as though he is interested in you but may be nervous or shy to talk to you.

it could mean alot of things you really dont know for sure but i think he does like you because when im around a guy i like i get nervous and shy

It means he is very nervous around you. It can be a sign that he likes you, and since he likes you, could be nervous, causing him to be clumsy around you.

he probably likes you and gets nervous when you discover he's staring at you OR he was surprised to see you staring at HIM.

You might have made him nervous and he got scared but he still likes you but doesn't know how to get over his nervousness.

When a guy acts shy and nervous around you but no one else, it means he likes you.

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