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Umm,very unlikely. Sperm has to actually somehow enter into the vagina, so your risk is very slim.

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Yes, it is most certainly possible. The best ways to avoid pregnancy are to use Birth Control or practice abstinence.

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Q: If he only has his undies on and rubs it against your vagina is it possible for the wet spots on the undie can cause pregnancy?
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Is pregnancy possible if the penis rubbed against the outer lips of the vagina without pre-ejaculate fluid?


Is pregnancy possible if the membrane inside vagina does not break?


Ok you and your girlfriend do the dry humping thing if you came in your shorts and it was wet and she had a thong on would she be at risk of pregnancy?

no Hi, Absolutely not. There is no risk of pregnancy. Pregnancy can only occur when sperm comes into DIRECT contact with the naked Vagina (no clothes or undies) OR if sperm enters the Vagina. Because this didn't happen - she cant be pregnant.

Can a girl get pregnant if you insert your penis in her bum?

Yes any contact near the vagina has risk. Pregnancy is not possible through anal sex. However as the above answer states if sperm enters the vagina pregnancy is possible.

Can a lady get pregnancy if sperm ejaculated on the external surface of vagina?

It is possible, but the chances are slim.

Can you get pregnant if he rubs his penis against your vagina and he cums but not inside the vagina?

Yes. It's quite possible.

Is is possible to get pregnant if he rubbed his penis against your vagina without cumming and you took birth control pills the day after?

If he wasn't wearing a condom,there is a chance you could get pregnant.Take a pregnancy test.

Could you get pregnant if he puts his penis inside a vagina unprotected?

Pregnancy is certainly possible. yes

Is pregnancy possible if sperm came outside the vagina?

no only if some got in the actual vaginal cavity

Is it possible to get pregnant if the man keeps his penis on the outside and doesn't penetrate your vagina and wipes his penis afterward?

The best way to answer that is: 1. Did his genitals come into contact with your vagina? 2. Did he ejaculate onto your vagina? If either is yes - then your are possibly able to conceive. If his penis was touching your vagina, it is possible some sperm was transferred to you. The risks are very very very small, but still possible. If there was precum present on his penis and he touhed your vagina with his penis or entered your vagina, then there is a very very small risk of pregnancy. Its so small though that its nearly impossible. So you should be ok and protected against pregnancy. First of all the correct term is a penis and as long as your a man with sperm you could get someone pregnant

What if the NuvaRing isn't in very far?

NuvaRing will be effective no matter where it is in the vagina. You may be more confortable if it's at the top of the vagina than if it's lower. But if you're comfortable, and the ring is in the vagina, you are protected against pregnancy.

Do you get your period when you have a dot of blood on your vagina?

No... if you see a blood stain or something of blood on your undies then that is when you know you have had your period....

Can a girl get pregnant if the sperm is spilled on her underwear?

If the sperm comes in contact with her vagina, yes. It is quite unlikely that this would cause pregnancy but it is possible. To avoid pregnancy, it is best to avoid sperm coming in contact with the vagina without protection or contraception.

If sperm lands on your vagina is pregnancy possible?

Its possible. But its also possible the world could explode tomorrow. What I'm saying is its highly unlikley, especially if none went inside.

If a guy wearing condom and released liquid out from vagina so a girl can become pregnant or not?

Your description does not say what sort of liquid, but if it was sperm and it got into the vagina, then pregnancy is possible but not certain.

Is there a high chance of a female gets pregnant if the penis got in surperficial contact even though oral sex was performed on the penis?

In this situation pregnancy is very, very unlikely. It is only possible if you had some pre-ejaculatory fluid or semen on your penis and then rubbed it against her vagina, and even in this case there is a very small chance of pregnancy if you did not put your penis inside her vagina.

Can you get pregnant if he rubs his penis against your vagina?

No! if his sperm isn't inserted into your cervix then it is not possible for you to get pregnant

Is it possible for you to get pregnant if your partner loses his erection while his penis is inside you?

Pregnancy can only occur when semen enters the vagina and fertilizes the egg. Unless semen from ejaculation reaches the inside of the vagina, the chance of pregnancy is very slim. Even if your partner lost his erection inside the vagina, there is a chance that seminal fluid could have entered the vaginal canal. Pregnancy is a possibility in this circumstance.

Can a IUD is placed in the vagina of a female to prevent pregnancy?

No, an IUD is placed in the uterus, not the vagina. The diaphragm, cervical cap, and vaginal ring are placed in the vagina to prevent pregnancy.

Can a girl get pregnant 2 weeks before her periods if the semen didn't enter the vagina but went on the Vagina?

Yes, it is possible that sperm can swim into the vagina, but pregnancy is quite unlikely. Still, it is best to avoid this situation -- use protection

Can a woman gets pregnant if she is wearing her undies and the boy also while injecting the penis into vagina?

It's possible. Only one little sperm has to get in there, and once it does it can survive for three days while it goes after that egg.

Im 12 and i have this white milky stuff that's in my vagina it feels really slimy so i wipe your undies on my vagina and see that stuff on my undies it almost like i wet myself is this a period start?

No its not your period.But you are discharing. Dont worry though it just a sign your period might come soon.

How far does your penis have to be in to get her pregnant?

It actually does not even have to enter the vagina to cause pregnancy if there is sperm/ejaculate on the outside of her vagina. If there is ejaculate around, on and definitely in the vagina there is always a possibility of pregnancy.

Can you determine pregnancy from the taste of vagina?


If sperm does not get in to the vagina then there is a chance of pregnancy?