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Your father's uncle is your great uncle. His son (the man you're referring to) is your father's first cousin and your first cousin, once removed.

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Q: If his father is your father's uncle what is your relationship?
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What is the relationship between a fathers son and the fathers daughters daughter?

If your are talking about the same father.. the relationship would be Uncle and Niece.

What relationship is your fathers brother to you?

your uncle

Fathers uncles relationship to his son?

great uncle

What is the relationship between your fathers brother and your children?

Great Uncle, or commonly known as an Uncle.

What is the relationship between you and your fathers father?

Your father's father is your grandfather

What is a relationship is your fathers brother to you?

Your father's brother is your uncle, and you are his niece or nephew.

What is the relationship between a fathers son and the fathers daughters son?

The father's son is the uncle of the son of the father's daughter.

How did Hamlet revenge his father?

hamlet avenged his father by stabbing his uncle who married his fathers wife to get the throne. hamlet did this because his fathers ghost visited and told him that hamlets uncle (his fathers brother) killed him... in the end everyone ended up dying

What relationship is a son to his fathers father?

He would be a grandson.

What is their relationship to you?

Mother, father, sister, brother, aunt, uncle, friend.

What is relationship of father to his daughter's husband's father?

There is no relationship between the two fathers except their affection for the young married couple.

What relationship was Claudius to Caligula?

Claudius was Caligula's uncle. He was the brother of Caligula's father, Germanicus.

What was Zeus relationship with Ares?

Zeus is the father, or uncle, of Ares.

What was the name of Samuel De Champlain's uncle and father?

his fathers name was Antione Champlain -your welcome

Who is dappy of ndubz fathers surname?

Dappys father was Uncle B the B is short for Byron.

Was william IV Queen Victoria's father?

William IV was her Uncle, her fathers elder brother

What is claudius relationship to prince Hamlet?

He is his uncle and now Step father.

What relationship is your grandmother's son?

Your grandmother's son is either your father or your uncle.

Contrast Isaac's relationship to his father with Jacobs relationship to his father and Telemakos' relationship to his father?

Their fathers both didn't like how they would ask for the answers of their homework online instead of doing it by themselves.

What is your fathers uncle to you?

He would be your great uncle.

Can you give father's day gifts to all the fathers you know or just your father?

just your father! * (And your grandfather, and a favorite uncle, or anyone who has been a father-figure in your life)

What if the mother dies and the father is absent what happens to the kids can the uncle keep them?

Well the uncle can't keep them unless it has been legally approved, but he may look after them until the father returns but if the father doesn't then you have to get the fathers permission (if he is alive) or by court.

What is the relationship between my uncle and my father's father?

Well your father's father is your Grandfather. And it depends how your uncle is related to your grandfather. Your uncle could be your grandfather's son, or your grandfather could have a sibling who's child is your uncle- which would make him your Grandfather's nephew.

How is Gregor's relationship with his father in The Metamorphosis similar to Kafka's relationship with his own father?

Both Grogor and Kafka are upset by the fathers' negativity but feel powerless against itApex

What is the relationship between your father and your father's brother's children?

The children of your father's brother are your father's nieces and nephews, and your father is their uncle.