If homosexuality determined by genes how come there are homosexuals today even though they didn't reproduce throughout evolution?

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Homosexuality is not determined by genes. The theory is that homosexuality is associated with a combination of gene sequences (not individual genes) with gestational hormones.

Gene sequences can occur and recur regardless of whether certain individual genes become rare or even extinct.
If homosexuality is genetic, born to parents that aren't, that would mean the gene is recessive. Suppose H is heterosexual and h is homosexual. If two Hh's marry and the kid gets h from both parents, s/he is then gay.
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Is homosexuality a choice?

While there are countless opinions on this topic, and endless debate, there is no scientific evidence to support any answer currently other than, no, it is not a choice. Virtually all gay people in the world believe they did not choose to be gay. In fact, most gay people spend a portion of their ( Full Answer )

Where did homosexuality come from?

Homosexuality, if defined simply as sexual attraction to or sexual contact with members of the same sex, is not unique to human beings. Homosexual behavior, including apparent intercourse between males, has been observed in many animal species. This is considered to be different from the "dominan ( Full Answer )

What are the beliefs of homosexuality?

Gays and lesbians believe that they are equal, deserve equal rights under the law, deserve to be treated with dignity and respect, and should be able to live their lives in peace without interference from others. Gay people believe they should not be expected to change their sexual orientation any m ( Full Answer )

How common is homosexuality?

It used to be believed that 10% were homosexual, however that statistic was of those that had engaged in homosexual activity in their lifetime.. The real percentage could be either less than 1% or 3-4%.

Can homosexuality be a phase?

For some, it actually can. During the teenage-years, during puberty, many boys and girls develop their sexuality, and then immediately begin to question it. A known cliche is, that everyone experiments in college, and it is not uncommon for boys and/or girls to have homosexual experiences before com ( Full Answer )

What is the name of the gene for homosexuality?

It doesn't have a name because it hasn't been found yet. It hasn't even been proven that there is one yet. It is highly debated between scientists. Some think it is a false theory and others believe it is possible that there is a gene.

Why is homosexuality sinful?

It's not. The Old Testament is filled with lists of abominations(directed only at Jews). For example, shellfish (ie shrimp) isconsidered an abomination equal to homosexuality. Answer The New Testament is filled with Jesus preaching LOVE. To everyone. homosexuality..IS sinfull.. and sin Is bad..y ( Full Answer )

Mckinnels hypothesis on the evolution of homosexuality?

Mckinnels' hypothesis of homosexuality being an evolution of man is quite a perculiar and distinct theory(Also disturbing).. This theory includes ideas so radical that it is almost unbelieveable however, the theory is quite straight forward if understood correctly.. The theory was that "gayness"(s ( Full Answer )

Where did homosexuals in the Holocaust come from?

Homosexuality has been around for many years. Dating back to Socrates, DaVinci, Caesar, Lord Byron, Donatello, and Michelangelo all having romantic or sexual relationships with the same sex.. There were an estimated 1.2 million homosexual men in Germany in 1928. How this plays into the holocaust is ( Full Answer )

How is homosexuality viewed today?

It depends on what country you are talking about, but in most ofEurope, Australia/NZ and the Americas, homosexuality is recognizedas a natural sexual orientation.

How do you over come homosexuality?

Homosexuality is not something you can overcome. The idea it can and or should be overcame reflects that that person thinks homosexuality is something bad and wrong. If there is something that should be overcome is the prejudice against homosexuality not homosexuality itself. So if you want to "ove ( Full Answer )

What are the issues of homosexuality?

I suppose it would depend on your views. A Christian might believe that an issue with being homosexual is the fact that it is considered a sin in the Bible. Really, there is absolutely nothing wrong with being homosexual. An issue that homosexuals might be afraid of, is the way everyone else will re ( Full Answer )

Is homosexuality a disease?

No. Homosexuality is simply a sexual orientation and is in the same category as heterosexuality. Simply because the majority of people are not of that sexual orientation does not make it a 'disease'.

When was homosexuality legalised?

In the UK, homosexual activity has been legalised in England andWales since 1967. It was legalised in Scotland in 1981, and in Northern Ireland in1982. Civil partnerships have been legally recognised across the whole ofthe UK since 2005. Same sex marriage was legalised on 17th July 2013in England ( Full Answer )

Can homosexuality be prevented?

No. Homosexuality is a natural, healthy, sexual orientation that isfixed at a very young age (possibly birth) and unchangeable.

Where was homosexuality legalised?

Homosexuality was legalised in the following countries (except forvietnam, where it was ALWAYS legal): Albania. Legal since 1995. American Samoa. Legal since 1899. Andorra. Legal since 1791. Anguilla. Legal since 2000. Argentina. Legal since 1887. Armenia. Legal since 2002. Aruba ( Full Answer )

What can you say about homosexuality?

TO answer your question about homosexuality its a sin God doesnt like it he despies it and he showed it when he destoryed sodom and gomorrah God bargained and said if u can find so many people who are saved i will spare the town but the guy couldn't even find on saved so he destoryed the town and he ( Full Answer )

How does homosexuality occur?

There is some scientific evidence to suggest that homosexuality is genetic. However, there is even more evidence to suggest that homosexuality is psychological. Some scientists say that sexuality determination can be affected environmentally, e.g. upbringing, media and other homosexuals. Many hom ( Full Answer )

Do you have to be embarrassed about your homosexuality?

Not at all. Homosexuality is nothing to be ashamed of, but ifsomeone isn't confident with their sexuality yet, that's also anatural response. It's important to learn to love yourself, butit's also important to remember people will love you regardless ofhow you view yourself.

What is the color of homosexuality?

Homosexuality doesn't have a color. But if you are talking aboutsymbols of homosexuality, often the rainbow is used, as well as thecolors pink and purple.

What do you think about homosexuality?

Homosexuality is something that either a man/woman is born with. This is not a disease of any sort. Homosexuality is also a great thing when yo think about it. You now have a lot more freedoms..no one in the US is going to legally kill you because you're gay. There are also a lot of other gays out t ( Full Answer )

Why are guys homosexual?

Not all men are homosexual. There are many men who are bisexual,homosexual, heterosexual, pan-sexual etc.

Are you against homosexuality?

Many people feel differently toward others based upon sexual orientation. Has many aspects of rearing, environment, etc. My personal opinion Personally, I am not against homosexuality. It is as natural as being heterosexual and simply another point on the continuum of the sexual orientation s ( Full Answer )

How can you overcome homosexuality?

You can't because there is nothing to overcome. Homosexuality isnot a handicap or disadvantage. It is a natural, sexualorientation. Answer To be honest, I don't believe you can. No matter how many times youlock yourself in your room and whisper to yourself that one day,eventually, you'll stop ha ( Full Answer )

Is homosexuality inheritated?

There may be some genetic component to it, sometimes it seems one family has more than it's share but since most homosexuals are born to straight parents, it is not directly inherited.

What is the soulition to homosexuality?

There is none. All research to "Un-do" and to "Straighten" homosexual people have failed, and in my opinion, there doesn't need to be a solution.

Is homosexuality enjoyable?

Well, yes it is. Depending on your partner and how you as a person feel about it and can accept it it is very enjoyable. Answer A committed relationship, regardless of sexual preference, is just the best thing for people.

What is the origin of homosexuals?

The word appears to have been invented by Karl-Maria Kertbeny writing in German in 1869AD. It was adopted by Krafft-Ebing and first used in contrast to heterosexual. Purists would object that is formed from two words from differing languages, ie homoios Ancient Greek adjective meaning 'the same' a ( Full Answer )

How do you escape the homosexuality?

No, and it isn't something you're really trapped in either. "Sexual orientation is not a choice and can NOT be changed." That's from the American Psychiatric Association, as well as a widely accepted ideal in the medical society. In short, you can't. Just accept it.

How to control homosexuality?

I think there's a vaccine ... KIDDING. No seriously, the way to control homosexual conduct is to... ..sit on your hands, and keep your mouth shut!

Why or how does homosexuality happen?

Homosexuality seems to occur throughout the animal kingdom, and the percentage of homosexual people in various societies is remarkably consistent. In fact, most humans are capable of homosexual intercourse, even if most of us never do it. This strongly suggests that it's useful from an evolutionary ( Full Answer )

Why is homosexuality not acceptable?

Homosexuality is acceptable. It's a normal, natural sexualorientation. Some people believe homosexuality is wrong because oftheir interpretation of the Bible, but the number of these hatefulpeople is shrinking every day, and soon, this won't even be anissue.

What is a pro homosexuality?

If you are pro-homosexual, it means that you might not be homosexual, but you aren't against it and support gay rights.

How can you stop homosexuality?

You can't. You can suppress it , to the detriment of the person'smental health, but there is no known reputable medical way to stopsomeone's same-sex attractions. You can stop homosexual behaviourby not engaging in it, but that is not the same as attraction.

What is a homosexual offender?

It sounds like a person who breaks the law and is also gay. Itcould also be someone who offends gay people, such as a bigot.

What are the main problems with homosexuality today?

The main problems with homosexuality today, is discrmination, political, and society issues. Hommosexuals are a diverse group of men and women who prefer their same sex. Society believes, gays should not be able to get married. The government, on the other hand, believes they should be allowed to ha ( Full Answer )

Is homosexuality against evolution?

This depends on who you are asking. Some people will say no (because they will not have any children of their own). These people usually do not like homosexuals. Some people will say yes (they will not pass on their genes to the next generation).

How can you over come homosexuality?

You can't ! A person's sexual orientation is not a medical illness,nor is it a genetic mutation. It is not treatable by drugs or othermedication. It's a way of life chosen by the individual person -and no-one else has the right to try to change that !

What is advocating homosexuality?

The term "advocating homosexuality" is generally used by people who oppose gay rights. It is the mistaken belief that you can encourage people to be gay, which is impossible.

Is homosexuality is moral?

morality implies choice. Since homosexuality is not a choice, it lies outside the realm of morality, just like eye color and height are not relevant to morality. morality implies choice. Since homosexuality is not a choice, it lies outside the realm of morality, just like eye color and height are n ( Full Answer )

Where did homosexuality begin?

Homosexuality began wherever life on Earth began. Homosexuality began with the dawn of animal life on Earth.