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If horses ears are slanted backwarrds what does it indicates he is?


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It depends on the situation the horse is in. If the horses ears are swiviling back and forth and moving around alot they are more than likely just listening to sounds, other horses or you.

If their ears are pinned back against their head and their teeth are bared (like a dog snarling) then they are upset or angry. Their tail may also swish around if they are angry. Horses pin their ears back as a warning to other horses or things they feel are a threat.


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if the horses ears are slanted backwards it mean they might be unsure of angry

If a horse's ears are slanted backwards it usually means it's angry. howrse answer: Angry

It indicates that they are annoyed When their ears are slanted backwards they are also likely to bite so be careful because they can really hurt you.

Well if a horses ears are laid back, that means a horse feels scared or threatened.

If a horse's ears are pointed backwards, they may be listening to you if you are riding. It can also be an expression of disapproval or annoyance.

If a horses ears are slanted backwards it means it is angrey and may kick or bite ________________________________________________________________________ if a horses ears are slanted backwards it means it scared not that its angry sincerely BBC They would be angry

this means that he is angry and might bite or kick. If his ears are only slanted back, he might simply be listening to you riding him, or someone or thing behind him. If his ears are plastered down on his neck, he is very angry.

Well if the horses ears are just slanted backwards a little it means the horse is listening to you. but if the horses ears are all the back where they are touching the back of there neck then they are very mad.

if a horse's ears are back slightly, it means he is irratated or restless if his ears are back completely, he is fearful,angry, aggressive, scared ect. hope this helps!!

If a horses ears are just slanted back hes either listening or annoyed. If they're pressed back then hes pissed.

depends... it could mean it's angry and going to bite. Some horses ears are naturally back. sometimes they're smelling... Theres a few possible answers.

If they are slanted back or lying flat against the head it indicates that the horse is unhappy/uncomfortable. There may be another horse too close to it whom it doesn't like.If a horses' ears are like this be careful because it is perhaps an early sign that the horse is going to kick or bite.

Asking for howrse the answer is angry... However, only slanted backwards in real life might only indicate he is relaxed. Pinned to the neck and slanted backwards to me are very different things, but that's the answer for howrse.


If both of a horses ears are pinned down backwards against his head, watch out! This means the horse is angry or very irratated and he is likely to attempt a kick or bite.

It means that the horse is angry or irritated.

Horses ears can be slanted in many different ways. If they are slanted straight to the side and just flopping there, the horse is relaxing. If they are more erect and slightly slanted in any direction, they are merely listening to something over where his ears are ponted. If they are pinned back down against their neck, touching the neck, then the horse is angry and may bite, kick, or strike.

If A Horses Ears Are Flat Against Their Head Is A Common Sign Of Anger And Be Threatend. If The Horses Ears Are Just Swiveled Backwards They Are Listening To Whats On Their Back Or Behind Them.

If they are just slanted, he is listening to something behind it. If they are pinned against the head however, he is mad.

slightly slanted is listening, slanted all the way back means aggression. they may bite, kick, or react harshly.

horses often show their feelings by moving their ears, if the ears are forward: the horse is interested or exited in something. if the ears are slanted back or twitching: the horse is relaxed and listening to what is around him. if the ears are flat back: the horse is angry.

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