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If i applied for a CitiBank credit card then added my boyfriend and the bill haven't been paid in 5 years and I am about to file bankruptcy does that debt come off my boyfriend credit report?


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Your boyfriend will most likely be responsible for the credit's up to CitiBank but I think he would be liable.

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Applications for a CitiBank secured credit card can be found on the main CitiBank website. Likewise, a card can be applied for by stopping in to any CitiBank branch and speaking with a teller for information.

No, however the person's bankruptcy would be a contributing factor if the couple applied for joint credit such as a morgage.

Take advantage of the latest offer from Citibank on the Citibank Clear Platinum credit card. For 6 months, you can pay no interest on any balance you transfer from your existing non-Citibank credit cards, and store credit cards.

The bankruptcy will appear on their credit if you include this card in your bankruptcy. If you leave the card off the bankruptcy, it will not effect their credit.

The advantages of using Citibank Online Credit Cards is the ability to access accounts and services online. Similarly, Citibank Online Credit Cards mean online payments are able to be made, for example.

In order to get a Citibank student credit card, one must be a student, then have to have one student card. Another requirement to get a Citibank student card is identification.

Bankruptcy lowers your credit report.

We will assume this questionis regarding filing Bankruptcy. You are never blacklisted during bankruptcy. It will remain on your credit report maximum of 10 years. That does not mean you will not be able to reestablish credit after filing bankruptcy during those years. What you will be able to obtain will depend on your payment history after the bankruptcy, the type of credit applied for and the length of time since you filed.

There are many companies that specialize in bankruptcy credit counseling. Companies that specialize in bankruptcy credit counseling include Alliance Credit Counseling, American Consumer Credit Counseling, and Approved Bankruptcy Certification Services.

There are usually nine digits in a Citibank account number. A Citibank credit card account number will have 16 digits.

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If you are filing for bankruptcy, and you try to cosign -- two things can happen. 1. the lender will turn you down. 2. If the court finds out you have applied for credit the bankruptcy can be stopped. If you mean that the car and loan will be for you during or after the bankruptcy, this still has to be disclosed and again the bankruptcy can be stopped.

If your partner files for bankruptcy and you don't then the bankruptcy will not appear on your credit report. But you will be partly responsible for before bankruptcy filing. Generally filing bankruptcy will affect the credit rating of the individual who filed it.

Filing bankruptcy does not remove a charge off report from a credit card on your credit report. It just adds bankruptcy to your credit report.

You do not have to necessarily get credit counseling before you can file for bankruptcy.

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The Citibank Credit Card Log-in procedure is a process to log into the Citibank Website to help manage your credit cards. It is a simple password/username with a captcha code to verify.

This is an incorrect assumption that leads many people to avoid filing for bankruptcy. They fear that a bankruptcy will ruin their credit for a long time and that they will not be able to use credit, rebuild their credit or purchase a home in the future. The reality is that the majority of the people who are considering bankruptcy, already have poor credit, due to late payments, repossessions and foreclosures. Further, most people who file for bankruptcy can rebuild their credit to a relatively good level after two years. This depends significantly on what they do after filing for bankruptcy. It is important that you work toward rebuilding your credit after filing for bankruptcy.

The only way to remove a bankruptcy from your credit report is to dispute it to the credit bureaus. The credit bureaus have 30 days under the Fair Credit Reporting Act, to verify your bankruptcy withe the court that filed it or it must be removed from your credit report.

Two examples of Citibank credit cards are Citibank Rewards Card which earns you reward points when you use it, IndianOil Citibank which allows you to earn 40 litres of fuel every year and saves you 5% on each fuel purchase. Another example would be the Citibank Cash Back Credit Card gives you 5% cash back on daily spends.

Debts included in the bankruptcy should be noted as such in the credit report. The bankruptcy will remain on the credit report for ten years.

No. Backruptcy will always appear on your credit. After 7-10 years your credit will be as good as someone who has not filed bankruptcy.

When in bankruptcy it is not possible to have a credit card. Once the terms of the bankruptcy have been met, some credit card companies will consider issuing a credit card to some people.

You can apply for anything you want. You must disclose your status by answering the credit application fully. The choice to grant you credit is the one issuing it, and theirs alone.

You can declare bankruptcy due to credit card debts, yes.

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