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Yes. Many women have experienced a "first" period then learns a couple of weeks later that they really are pregnant. It is possible that it could be implantation bleeding caused by the fertilized egg to attach itself to the uterine wall. You should just take a pregnancy test if you are still concerned.

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You have all the symptoms of pregnancy you have a 6mos daughter and have not have a period in over a year and a half but all your home pregnancy tests are negative are you pregnant?

You could be pregnant, but if I were you, I'd go straight to my doctor.

What are some symptoms that show you could possibly be pregnant?

Well to start have you missed a period? If so for how long? Are you on birth control? If you are on birth control you're not pregnant. If you are not on birth control take a pregnancy test, start there if it comes back positive go to your OBGYN and have them take a blood pregnancy test that will definitely tell you if you are or you aren't. Pregnancy symptoms don't mean squat half the time anymore. Half the women who have pregnancy symptoms turn out not to be pregnant.

What if your breasts are sore and you have been feeling nausea for about a week and your period isn't due for about week and half can you be pregnant?

It is possible to have symptoms of pregnancy early. I have a friend that displayed these symptoms about a week before her period was due. It is also possible that these symptoms can be caused by the approach of your period itself. The only thing you can do is wait and see.

Your period is not due for another week and a half Can you still have pregnancy symptoms and a negative home pregnancy test?

Yes you definitely can!

When do you start feeling symptoms of being pregnant?

How far along do you half to be to start feeling the symptom's of the pregnancy.

How soon can you feel early pregnancy symptoms.. I'm not supposed to start my period for another week and a half but am already feeling symptoms. Is this possible?

It is unlikely that you would be having pregnancy symptoms a week and a half before your expected period because that would be only a few days after concieving.

How long after sex can you get pregnancy symptoms?

The first sign is missing your period. But after you have sex you have a month maybe a month in a half til you start having symptoms.

Does short period that is very light pink and only lasted half a day mean pregnancy along with other symptoms?

It sounds like you could possibly be pregnant. Why don't you go to your nearest pharmacy and purchase a self pregnancy test to confirm it.

Cramping nausea and headaches a few days after your period for about a week and a half could i be pregnant?

You CAN still get your "period" if your pregnant, but its not a real period. Its just spotting and Its completely normal... Id take the pregnancy test.

Does short period light pink that last one day and a half with symptoms of pregnancy mean you are pregnant?

yes most likely you are pregnate but you could just have a blood clot in your vigina that hasn't passed and will in time

Can stress make you think you are pregnant like if you are worried about being pregnant and it's only been about a week and a half to two weeks and you are VERY stressed out about it?

Absolutely! If you haven't had your period the symptoms before you get it are pretty much the same as with pregnancy, sore breasts etc. And stress can make your period stay away.

Could you be pregnant if you are a month and a half late on your period and have pregnancy symptoms but after about three weeks you spotted reddish brown with mild cramping?

cramping can be an early sign of pregnancy and the bleeding could be implantation bleeding. I would advise to take a test, after a month and half of being "late" it would definitely register a positive.

If you have irregular periods and for like the past week and a half you have had really sensitive nipples and slight cramps and gassy could you be pregnant?

No. If you have your period, then you aren't pregnant. All of those are symptoms of a woman's period.

Are you pregnant if your period all of a sudden stops have spotting for about half an hour and then feel nausea?

How you feel is not a sure indicator of pregnancy. The only way to be certain is to have a pregnancy test.

What should you do if you're not supposed to have your period for another week and a half but everthing in your mind tells you you are pregnant?

Relax.If you have it in your mind that you might be pregnant then you might miss your period ,and you mind might make you think you have the symptoms of being pregnant. Go to

Are hunger pains that cannot be satisfied for a week and a half before your period a sign of pregnancy?

No it's not a sign of pregnancy. I'm insanely hungry a week or so before my period every single month and I have yet to be pregnant.

Can you be pregnant if you were 5 days late and your period only lasted a day and a half and the first home pregnancy test you took was inconclusive and the second was negative?

yes you could be pregnant. buy a dipstick pregnancy test. these are more accurate.

Could you be pregnant if you are a week and a half late with pregnancy symptoms and by using the withdrawal method about 10 times?

Yes, you certainly could. withdrawal is not a method of contraception.

Half a line in a pregnancy test means?


You have got period pains on the first day of your missed period as you are trying to get pregnant why is that?

Its totally normal i have had the implant and haven't had a period for two and a half years but every month i get the cramps, bloating and other symptoms

Could having cramping diarrhea mood swings nausea and fatigue your period is due in about a week and a Half could you be pregnant?

It is probably just your period coming. Take a pregnancy test if you miss your period

Could you still be pregnant if you missed a whole month then a week and a day later started your period which has clear sticky fluids?

Then why did I miss my whole month then almost a week and a half later start my period with sticky clear fluids. I have been having pregnancy symptoms and my stomach has gotten somewhat larger.

Is it a pregnancy sign if you have had all of the symptoms but your cycle still came on but it was not normal and you were cramping really bad?

Yes it is...I was pregnant last year. I had a period onn October 2nd...wasnt hardly any blood...but cramping was hurting more than usual...i ended up being 9 and a half weeks when i found out. I had gotten pregnant 3 days before that period came.

What does it mean if you miss your period 2 and half weeks ago but are now experiencing stomach pains dirrahoea and sickness Could you help?

It could mean that you're pregnant, because that's some of the symptoms of pregnancy. You could take a home pregnancy test and see, but to get the positive results of what is wrong, you would have to go to the doctor.

When you are pregnant does your stomach cramp at the bottom if you are only a week and a half along?

You do get crampy when you are pregnant. Have you missed your period yet? It will feel like period cramps (normally) Also, in early pregnancy many women get constipated, so it could be from that also.