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yes because it mixes evenly and changes colors

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What was George Washington's annual salary?

his salary was $25,000.00 an amount he refused to accept and took a smaller amount.

How do you deduct PF contribution for piece rate employee?

You need to fix a certain amount as basic salary if you want to deduct PF. set a minimum number as basic salary and calculate PF on it. The remaining amount based on piece rate can be added a different component in the persons salary

Can company match contribution be paid on a set salary amount if an individual get paid hourly and the hourly amount exceeds the salary amount?


What is the Average salary amount for caribou coffee?

how much the basic salary?

What is salary range?

A salary range refers to the amount a salary can be for a particular job. The range is usually bound by the lowest salary and the highest salary for the position.

What is an annual salary?

Annual SalaryAnnual salary is the amount of money a person earns from their job in a year.

What is Total Net Salary?

Net salary is the amount actually received by the employee.

From where the pf amount is deducted?

Your Salary

What much is a 2.5 percent increase for salary?

To find the amount of the increase, multiply the salary by 0.025. To find the new salary, multiply the salary by 1.025

What do salary saught mean?

A salary is a set wage(amount of money) that a person earns. For example $20,000 per year or $1400 per month. So salary sought is the amount of $ that you are seeking.

What is minimum and maximum portion of basic salary will be duducted for provident fund and under what law?

The minimum amount is 12% of your Basic Salary There is no maximum amount. You can contribute any % of your salary into your PF corpus

What does annual salary mean?

== == Annual salary is the amount of money you make in one year.

How much the amount were deducted from your salary by the name of pf?

Usually it is 12% of your basic salary

What is maximum salary taxed for social security?

For 2010 with one employer the maximum amount of salary that is subject to the social security tax is 106800 and the maximum social security amount to be withheld on the salary is 6621.60.

What is the total salary of a teacher?

Each teacher has a different salary.

What is the maximum salary of a chartered accountant?

what is the salary of a chartered accountant? the amount is probably 300000- 400000

What is base salary versus gross salary?

Base salary would be the basic minimum amount promised. Gross salary would include overtime, bonuses, etc.

How do you amount of my pf account?

Usually it is 12% of your basic salary. So, if your basic salary is Rs. 5000 per month, Rs. 600 will be your pf amount

Sherri has a gross monthly salary of 4700?

A gross monthly salary is the amount of money you make before taxes and withholding. The net amount is what is left after deductions.

What is the average salary for a journalist in India?

The average salary for a journalist in India is 239,907 Indian Rupee. If the amount is converted to Dollars, the amount equates to $4,118 a year.

Who sets the amount of the presidents salary?

And you need to know this why?

What salary are you expecting?

There are a number of different salaries a person may be expecting. The amount of money they make should be expected to be close to the national average for that position.

Find the annual amount of FICA at a 7.51 percent rate by computing his annual salary?

Find the annual amount of FICA at a 7.51% rate by computing his annual salary

What is the salary for chaplains in the Catholic church?

The salary of priests is different for each diocese.

With basic salary what happens in a 5 week month?

When you sign a contract, your probably know how much you will receive each month. So with your mind set to receive a certain amount each month i guess you wouldn't expect your employer to give you an additional amount during a 5-week-month.Think about this:4-week-monthMonthly Salary / 4weeks = Weekly SalaryWeekly Salary x 4 = Monthly Salary5-week-monthMonthly Salary / 5 weeks = Weekly SalaryWeekly Salary x 5 = Monthly SalaryREMEMBER: We are talking about the same amount of monthly salary.I Hope I answered your question.

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