If i was your son and you were my daughter what am i?

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your son
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Is it better to have daughters or sons?

I think it's best to have at least one of each. Your son will carry the family name forward into the next generation. Your daughter will be the one who might possibly be more involved with parents lives whenever they get into the golden years.. A son is a son till he gets him a wife, A daughter`s y ( Full Answer )

Does Oprah Winfrey have a daughter or a son?

Winfrey was raped at age 9 and at 14-years-old gave birth to a son, who died in infancy. Oprah's baby was born premature. It was a male. Technically she had a son but the baby died a month later.

Why daughters are better than sons?

This question is not answerable. Whether daughters are better than sons is a value judgement, not an objective fact either way. However, many societies have preferred sons to daughters, and some have even accepted the killing of daughters just after birth.

Who were the sons of Adam and the daughters of Eve?

The phrases the 'sons of Adam' and the 'daughters of Eve' come from 'The Chronicles of Narnia' by Clive Staples Lewis [November 29, 1898-November 22, 1963]. They're used to describe the four children who go out through the wall of their closet and ultimately into the magical land of Narnia. In Nar ( Full Answer )

What if your son or daughter hits your car?

If she is covered under your insurance policy, in most states in the United States she is not covered. That is because some dishonest people will deliberately crash their cars into each other to collect the insurance. Now if she has her own insurance, even the same company, she will be covered.

What are Zeus' sons and daughters names?

The children of Zeus!!!!!!!!!! AGDISTIS A Hermaphroditic God born when Zeus accidentally impregnated Gaia the Earth. Fearful of this strange creature the gods castrated it, and it became the goddess Kybele. [Agdistis and Kybele and their parents were Phrygian gods later identified with Greek c ( Full Answer )

Who is Aphrodite's son or daughter?

Eros God of Love; unknown father. Himeros God of Desire; unknown father. Harmonia Goddess of Harmony (in relationships); daughter of Ares and Aphrodite. Phobos and Deimos Gods of Fear and Terror: sons of Ares and Aphrodite. Anteros , god of love returned; son of Ares and Aphrodite. ( Full Answer )

Who were the Sons of Liberty and the Daughters of Liberty?

The Sons of Liberty were man and boys that met in secret places to talk about how it wasn't fair that England was taxing them for tea, stamps, and goods but not in England. Daughters of Liberty were almost the same they meet in secret places except daughters of liberty were only for girls and women ( Full Answer )

Who were the Sons of Liberty and Daughters of Liberty?

There was only the Sons of Liberty and they comprised 12 men before the American Revolution. _____ The group was called the Sons and Daughters of Liberty. They were part of a secret society in pre-revolutionary America. The Sons of Liberty was made up of many who would later go on to sign the ( Full Answer )

What is Prophet Muhammad sons and daughters?

The Prophet of Islam Mohammed (SAW) had both sons and daughters. but all his sons died in early childhood. According to the most correct opinion, he had seven children, three boys and four girls. The boys were: (Children born from Khadeejah) 1- al-Qaasim 2- 'Abd-Allaah (Child born from Maar ( Full Answer )

Is it better to have a son or a daughter for a child?

It would be better to have a daughter for some people and better to have a son for some people. It doesn't matter to me. If you have a child no matter what sex, you should praise the Lord for the present he has given. Wheather you like the baby or not.

Who were the sons and daughters of Jacob?

It is known that Jacob had twelve named sons and one named daughterby his wives and their hand maidens. His children are Reuben,Simeon, Levi, Judah, Dan, Naphtali, Gad, Asher, Issachar, Zebulun,Dinah, Joseph, and Benjamin.

When do you capitalize son and daughter?

At the beginning of a sentence, yes. According to The Chicago Manual of Style, 16th Edition, "Kinship names" are capitalized when used in the place of a personal name (unless in apposition). Also, they would be capitalized at the beginning of dialogue. Examples of correct usage: It's nice to see y ( Full Answer )

What were paper sons and paper daughters?

The primary sources in this activity deal with the phenomenon of "paper sons and daughters," a scheme that allowed thousands of Chinese immigrants to gain entrance to the United States despite the Exclusion Act.

Do the gods have daughters or sons?

Gods on Mount Olympus can have sons AND daughters. Aphrodite had a son, but Zeus had a daughter. Many gods with thrones on Mount Olympus have children.

Did Lenin have any sons or daughters?

Yes a son and a daughter. --------------------------------------- I believe the above answer to be wrong and that he had no offsprings.

Will Asuma and Kurenai have a son or a daughter?

If the question is asking wether or not Asuma and Kurenai have a child then the answer is yes they do. Kurenai is pregnant with Asuma's child but it hasn't been born yet. I forsee it as being a boy, so Shikamaru can better relate to it.

How many sons and daughters does Shiva has?

shiva had 2 sons the elder one named kartike and the youger named ganesh in gujrat the gori varat tells a story he also had a daughter but she didn' t live with them

Are you allowed to hit your son or daughter?

NO! Hitting your son, or your daughter, or anyone else is called battery. Battery is a crime in all fifty states and in most other jurisdictions. It is generally chargeable as a felony. Some states carve out exceptions for "corporeal punishment" (i.e. spanking), but in general, it is neither legal, ( Full Answer )

Does mark salling have a son and a daughter?

this isn't his myspace page, he doesn't have one. the baby in the picture is a crew member's daughter. as far as we know Mark does not have kids.

What relation is your nephew's son to your daughter?

Your nephew and your daughter are first cousins to each other. Your nephew's son and your daughter are first cousins, once removed. Your nephew's son and your daughter's child would be second cousins to each other.

When do you capitalize son or daughter?

All words are capitalized at the begi n ni ng of the se nte nce, commo n nou ns a nd proper nou ns i ncluded. So n or daughter is a commo n nou n but it is capitalized whe n it is used as a direct address. . Examples: . I'll go with you, So n . .

Does Zeus have a son or daughter?

His children were: Ares / Mars- God of War Aphrodite / Venus - Goddess of love Artemis - Goddess of the hunt Apollo - God of music Dionysus / Bacchus - God of wine Athena / Minerva - Goddess of War/Wisdom Persephone - Goddess of Underworld Hephaestus / Vulcan - God of Fire Hermes - Mess ( Full Answer )

How serve the parents sons or daughters?

Definately son's Some times Daughter's also that is depends upon the relation between the family And it is depends upon the newly entered person in that family

How many sons and daughters does Gaddafi have?

Muammar Muhammad Abu Minyar al-Gaddafi had 7 sons, 1 daughter, 1adopted son/nephew and one possible adopted daughter. Muhammad Gaddafi - son Saif al-Islam Gaddafi - son Al-Saadi Gaddafi - son Moatassem (Mutassim)-Billah Gaddafi - son Hannibal Muammar Gaddafi - son Saif al-Arab Gaddafi - son Khamis ( Full Answer )

Who were firestar's daughter and half son?

His two daughters are Squirrelflight and leafpool (daughters of firestar and sandstorm). Firestar does not have a half-son but he has a half-brother who is scourge (because they have th same father jake).

Who was Cleopatra's son and daughter?

Cleopatra had three sons and one daughter. Her daughter was also named Cleopatra with an added "Selene" after her name. Her three sons were Ptolemy XV (Caesarion), Alexander Helios, the twin of Cleopatra Selene, and Ptolemy Philadelphios. Caesarion was killed while trying to escape from Egypt and th ( Full Answer )

Who are the sons and daughters of the god Zeus?

AGDISTIS A Hermaphroditic God born when Zeus accidentally impregnated Gaia the Earth. Fearful of this strange creature the gods castrated it, and it became the goddess Kybele. [Agdistis and Kybele and their parents were Phrygian gods later identified with Greek counterparts].. AIGIPAN A Rustic God, ( Full Answer )