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No. Some forms of Birth Control pills actually cause you to not get your period for months.

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Q: If im on birth control and dont get my period for 3 months is that just making it easier to get pregnant?
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Stoped taking birth control 8 months ago im not pregnant is it normal?

The average couple takes six months to get pregnant. Eight months is not unusual.

How do you control pregnancy after 2 months?

You don't? You're already pregnant

Are the chances to get pregnant higher when you just got off the pill?

no. the chances of you getting pregnant are the same as if you hadn't taken birth control in months.

If you have been on Yasmine for 2.5 months can you get pregnant?

there is always a chance of getting pregnant while on birth control. birth controll just lowers your chance of getting pregnant but doesnt prevent it totally. i have 4 kids and got pregnant twice on birth control.

How do you get a cow pregnant?

Wait for her to be in heat before you get her bred by AI. Or, the easier method is just to leave her with a bull for a couple of months.

Can progesterone make it easier to get pregnant?

I used a wild yam derivetive "natural progesterone" cream which I bought from Amazon and concieved after a few months of use after two years of unsuccessful conception. I can't prove it was the cream, but I'm convinced it made the difference.

What is the probablility that you will get pregnant after 7 months of being off birth control?

The same probability of you were never on ot

If you have been off birth control for almost 2 months should you be able to get pregnant easily?

== == That is not unusual, in fact quite common that after you stop taking birth control, it can take several months to get pregnant. This is certainly nothing to worry about If after 6-8 or even 12 months, consult a physician to determine if you can get pregnant.

How many months pregnant is Kate?

she is 6 months pregnant

Ive bean taken the pill for a year stopped taken them to get pregnant how long do you rekon it will take to get pregnant?

85% of couples using no birth control get pregnant in the first 12 months. The percentage is the same for couples who have used birth control pills, and couples who have not.

Took birth control while pregnant for 2 months?

You should probably see a doctor and get an ultrasound since birth control can have harmful effects on the fetus.

When you are five months pregnant how many weeks are you?

when your five months pregnant how many weeks are you? when your five months pregnant how many weeks are you?