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If im pregnant what should you eat?

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Healthy food dont eat junk food,i know a girl who used to drink pepsi so much her first pregnancy was miscarried at the second she had a baby girl with something;illness/sickness in her heart

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i can eat anything that i want

Im pretty sure you can eat jalapenos when pregnant!

There is no set amount that a woman should eat when she is pregnant. She should eat healthy and eat when she is hungry.

As long as you eat healthy and don't exercise so much that it's unhealthy and get your periods there should be no problem getting pregnant.

im 13 and im pregnant! im really worried. what should i do? Tell your parents or someone you trust they will help, or call childline.

Pregnant gorillas should eat pretty much the same as a pregnant human. eg.meat veggie and vitamins

If you are normally pregnant, you should definitely eat, in fact, you should eat a little more than usual!

You should get a pregnancy test to verify that you are pregnant.

its maybe too late oh and if i spell something wrong im sorry my hand is burning but you should eat heathly foods and maybe once in a while eat juky food

Pregnant women should not eat the papaya. It may cause abortion.

get stoned and eat everthing

If you are pregnant you won't have it and not sure why you would want to.

go see a doctor and talk to someoneyou an trust

That should be no problem.

You should not eat raw fish or seafood when pregnant.

Pregnant women should not eat hampsters. Ever.

Buy a pregnancy tester from a chemist.

You just had a miscarriage and noe i find out that im pregnat again what should you do?

let him read the info that you have on the web and then he should understand.

A pregnant mother should eat plenty of fruits and vegetables, and also ensure she gets enough calcium from dairy products.

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