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Yes read your loan agreement. NO this is not correct. THEY MUST INFORM BOTH PARTIES FIRST there is a great site in for Our laws in md

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Q: If in Maryland can they repossess the car if the creditor notifies you but not your co-borrower?
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Is the original creditor required to notify you of debt before using a third party collection agency?

Yes, the original creditor should have notified you that you had an outstanding balance. The creditor also notifies you that they will be submitting your debt to a "third party" collection agency. This is usually the final notice before your debt is sold. If you never received a notice, it is not required that the original creditor send you notice, all it is is common curiosity that they do.

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To file a bankruptcy do we input the credit card information or the collection agency information?

The safe way is to enter the credit card issuer information and under "additional parties" or "other notice," enter the collection agency info. The debt may have been sold to a collection agency, in which case the original creditor no longer owns the debt, but the new owner rarely notifies the debtor of the change, even though the law requires it.

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