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If in Maryland can they repossess the car if the creditor notifies you but not your co-borrower?


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Yes read your loan agreement. NO this is not correct. THEY MUST INFORM BOTH PARTIES FIRST there is a great site in for Our laws in md


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Yes, the original creditor should have notified you that you had an outstanding balance. The creditor also notifies you that they will be submitting your debt to a "third party" collection agency. This is usually the final notice before your debt is sold. If you never received a notice, it is not required that the original creditor send you notice, all it is is common curiosity that they do.

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Generally the foreclosing lender must notify the HOA.

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The safe way is to enter the credit card issuer information and under "additional parties" or "other notice," enter the collection agency info. The debt may have been sold to a collection agency, in which case the original creditor no longer owns the debt, but the new owner rarely notifies the debtor of the change, even though the law requires it.

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