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I don't know if you can restore the "Opens With" wizard, but you can change the program that opens files of that extension. Right-click on the file and select "Properties". The properties window will show what program opens that extension, and allow you to change it.

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How do you capture video on Windows Movie Maker 6?

The Windows Movie Maker (v2.6) Capture Video feature is not called: Capture Video as it is in earlier versions. Instead, the feature is accessed by clicking File, then Import from Digital Video Camera.

Which items can be accessed directly through your computer in windows xp?

This question should actually be read as "My Computer" instead of "your computer." The items that can be accessed are your network drives and your devices with removable storage.

How do you save a project on Windows Movie Maker when it freezes up?

Windows Movie Maker is a persnickety program. Instead of saving the project, Publish or Finish it instead. You can always import the video back into the program for more editing. But, it saves the frustration of not being able to Save.

Why won't windows movie maker 2.6 open on windows 7?

Windows 7 uses Windows Live Movie Maker (and Essentials product). You have to download the 2.6 version of the program if you wish to use it instead of the 'Live' version.

List some reasons why you would use windows forms as to oppose web forms?

The reason why people use a windows forms instead of a web forms is because web forms are harder to program. The reason why they are harder to program in is because of different Web Browsers (IE, FireFox, Opera), every screen resolution differs, and different zooms in the Web Browsers. As if you used a Windows Forms you can program the size by screen resolution, their is no zooms in your form, and everybody will be using the same program.

Can I keep windows 8.1 instead of windows 10?

A Windows 10 upgrade is not required; you may keep Windows 8.1

Windows shortcut keys?

Windows has many shortcut keys that can be used instead of the mouse when working in Windows.

If you are using Windows XP why - when you minimize the program that is running - does it disappear instead of showing in the Taskbar?

It is a flaw within the operating system, silly but still not resolved.

Can you run Solitaire Master on Windows 7?

So far, yes, the only thing is that to close, instead of clicking on the "X", I have to go to: File/Exit No big deal, but I'm looking for a more compatible version myself.

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How do you make Windows boot first instead of Linux?

By configuring the bootloader to use Windows as the default menu option instead of Linux. Refer to documentation on how to do this.

What is the importance of DOS in Windows?

Many command is easy to run from command prompt instead of windows.. For example, checking connectivity between two computer is easy with DOS (with "ping" command) instead of Windows..

Can you install Windows Vista instead of Windows XP?

As long as the computer meets the system requirements for Windows Vista, yes.

What is mnemonics as used in computer programming?

An example of mnemonics would be closing a windows program using a combination of letter keys, instead of the alt + f4, or instead of using the "x" at the top of the screen etc. Hold down the Alt key, F & X at the same time to close a windows screen using mnemonics. (no, these are not case sensitive)

What is a windows desktop shortcut?

A desktop shortcut is an icon that you can click on that will open a program/file that is located in some other part of the hard drive, instead of having to navigate to its location first.

How do you get music from Windows Media Player onto an iPod Classic?

this happens on my laptop its very anoying but very easy to fix just takes more time :(. instead of double clicking you drag the sound file onto the itunes library.

How do you fix Google when it redirects you to places it's not supposed to?

instead of left-clicking the link, I might try right-clicking it then pressing open. or search a different site

What comes with 32-bit Windows Vista?

Windows Vista comes with a selection of programs. Since I Have windows vista, I searched around my computer for anything it came with. The programs are:Windows Office ( A program that lets you make your own presentations, type documents, and in some sord of way, code.Windows Media Player ( This program lets you play music files up to 256 Kbps. Works with Mp3, M4a, ACC, and OGG )Windows Accessories ( This is a folder named accessories which is is broken down to Calculator, Command Prompt, Notepad, Paint, Run, and Wordpad. )Windows Defender ( This is the antivirus software windows vista comes with. )Games ( Windows Vista will come with a selection of games. )Internet Explorer ( Every windows computer comes with windows explorer. )

What is an advantage of using the dos version instead of the windows version of the hwinfo utility?

It is always inbuilt with the windows

In the poem silver why has the poem used casements instead of windows?

Is it because it was more professional of him to write that instead of windows or was that his language im stuck on my homework please help mee :( "/ ?

How do you say - This will exit the program - in French?

"This will exit the program" could be literally translated asCeci terminera le programme.Depending on context, it might be more natural to say "cela" or "ça" instead of "ceci" and "termine" (present tense) instead of "terminera" (future tense).Also, a more natural way to phrase something like this might beCliquez ici pour quitter le programme. (Click here to leave the program.)orVous quittez le programme en cliquant ici. (You leave the program by clicking here.)

Which measures are you most likely to implement in order to protect against a worm or trojan horse?

Well if you are using Windows OS then i suggest you to install a very good antivirus program and keep updating the thing and have a complete scan regularly once in while. The most important thing is that whenever you download things from the internet or copy things from anybody's data drive make sure you make a through scan of the drive with your trusted antivirus program. Also if you are using MS Windows XP then right click and explore the folder instead of clicking on it, that will reduce activation of viruses to a certain level.(*primitive measures)

How do you fix windows media player to burn videos?

Not possible. Just use Windows movie maker instead.

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Who developed Windows 7?

Windows 7 was not developed by a specific individual. Instead, it was developed by the Microsoft Corporation. Windows 7 development occurred as early as 2006.