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If injured on the job is it mandatory to take a drug test and pass to be able to receive workmans comp?


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2015-07-16 18:24:06
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Some providers will require such testing, in other cases it would be determined by the circumstances in which caused the person to be injured.


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It is When a Man or Women is injured on the the job and the Job Company they work for still gives them there pay while injured until they are able or fit to return back to work.

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Until the Dr. states in eriting you can go back to work or you are able to do light work Until the Dr. states in writing you can go back to work or you are able to do light work

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It may depend on the state you are in. We are in Maryland and I know here it is fine. My husband was injured on the job last August and we carry additional accident insurance and were able to collect for out patient procedures. I suggest checking with an attorney for your state.

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Since they decided that if you don't, they "don't exist" as a citizen of the country they were born in, so if in (say) Britain, they would not be able to receive free NHS care.

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It depends on where the player is injured and what sport they are playing. For example, if the sport was basketball and you had a cut on your shin, you would still be able to play. If you broke your arm, then the coach would let the player sit out to receive medical treatment.

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