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When the state or county fairs started a long time ago, and they still have them today, they used to put goldfish in very small bowls and for a price you would get so many ping pong balls and the object was to throw a ping pong ball and land it inside of the bowl, and if it did land in a colored water bowl you won the fish that was in that bowl thus earning the name goldfish bowl, some also say here in the United States goldfish were kept for petsbefore tropical fish and at the time it was the only way you could enjoy a gold fish, but you are right the smaller the bowl the less likely your gold fish will live. Goldfish like to have a current in their tank and need cold water; a bowl is no place for a gold fish.

The above history of the goldfish bowl is correct. This was so in the UK and Australia too. Now the continuing sale and use of them can be put down to pet shops making money without conscience and total ignorance on behalf of the buyer or for any consideration for the well being fish.

2013-02-28 07:37:40
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Does a betta need a filtered tank or would a goldfish bowl work?

they can live in goldfish bowls i have always kept my beta in a goldfish bowl and my last beta lived between 4-5 years in a goldfish bowl.

Do goldfish like company in the bowl?

Goldfish do not belong in bowls; one fancy goldfish needs at least 20 gallons alone at the bare minimum.

What should you do if your goldfish bowl turns brown and the goldfish are always swimming to the top?

Clean it

How long do goldfish live in bowls?

my goldfish once lived 10 years in my fish bowl.Ok. So yea, they can live a long time in a bowl. BUT not as long as they should wich is about 20 years. Also, goldfish grow and grow (a single adult goldfish needs 15-20 gallons with another 10 gallons for additional goldfish). They produce massive amounts of waste and need lots of oxygen wich bowls do not provide. Fancy goldfish get about 10" and common goldfish get even larger. Plus, they will get ammonia poisoning and won't live a happy life. People say that since they are in a bowl, they won't grow as big. That's like saying a St. bernard puppy won't grow in an aparment! Keeping them in bowls does stunt their growth and makes it slower (but they do grow what they are supposed to as long as the bowl doesn't kill them first....) and can cause problems with eternal organs. So just say no to "goldfish bowls".goldfish will not live as long in a bowl as in a filtered tank. With a filter the average is 8 to ten years but without we are looking at around 3 to 5 years.

Do goldfish do better in tanks or bowls?

totally in tanks I've had a fish in a tank and in a bowl and the tank ones lived longer

Is it ok to have two goldfish in one bowl?

Goldfish cannot live in bowls. Fancy goldfish need at least 20 gallons for the first fish, and 10 gallons minimum for any additional goldfish. This means that for two goldfish, the smallest tank you should have is 30 gallons.

What kind of fish bowl is good for a goldfish?

A Goldfish bowl :)

What fish is best for a goldfish bowl?

Goldfish bowls make great 'floating flower' vases. They are absolutely useless for keeping fish in. The first rule of fish keeping is "1 inch of fish needs a minimum of 1 Gallon of water". Goldfish bowls are therefore not large enough to house one tiny fish.

What is the capacity of a goldfish bowl?

It depends on the size of it. If it's smaller, it has less capacity, and it it's larger, it has more capacity. Although, goldfish are rather unhappy in bowls. I recommend an aquarium with proper filtering.

Why isn't keeping a goldfish in a bowl not an ecosystem?

It is an ecosystem, just too small of one for a goldfish! Many bowls are beautiful planted ones with caves and such, but as goldfish gan grow to be a foot long, this is too small of a place for them to live. Alternatively, betasand small shrimp can be housed in bowls and make great pets for the beginner aquarist.

Small bowl about 1 gallon you have 2 small goldfish in itrecently your goldfish diedi dont really know howi been taking care of the really wellplz advice?

My advice is to get an actual fish tank and not just a bowl. Fish bowls are cruel and don't have near enough space for 2 goldfish to live in

If a goldfish is living in a bowl and loses the colour of its tail does that mean its going to die?

Not neccessarilly. You probably need to change its water more often and if possible get a fish tank (aquarium) to put it in. Bowls are not the best containers for goldfish.

What is necessary for a goldfish to live in its bowl?

It is NOT very right to keep a goldfish in a bowl. Not only do they become bored and unhappy, but it can cause health problems and stunt the fish's growth. However, the VERY least you can do for a fish in a bowl is the biggest bowl you can find. Also, goldfish NEED some sort of filter to live a reasonable amount of years, and filters cannot be put in bowls. I recommend at least a 5 gallon tank for your fish. Really though, there is nothing special you can do for a fish in a bowl.

How many oz is a bowl?

There are many 'bowls'. The average soup or cereal bowl is usually 8 ounces. Baking bowls are bigger.There are many 'bowls'. The average soup or cereal bowl is usually 8 ounces. Baking bowls are bigger.

How many leters can fill a fish bowl?

That depends upon the size of the fish bowl. Fish bowls are an invention of the past and were popular during the 18 century, but now, with reasonably good education, we know and understand the needs of a fish, and therefore realise that goldfish bowls are not suitable for keeping fish in.

What kind of bowl do you keep a goldfish in?

Goldfish do not belong in bowls. One goldfish needs at minimum 20 gallons on it's own, plus 10 gallons for each for every additional goldfish (30 gallons for 2 goldfish).It's not just due to their size potential, which is big, but because they are such messy fish that produce high amounts of waste

Where to keep goldfish?

Most people would keep goldfish in a bowl or tank, filled with water. You can always add scenery such as pebbles plants and castles :D

Can goldfish live in bowls for a long time?

No they cannot; just one fancy goldfish should be in a 20 gallon aquarium on it's own with regular weekly water changes.The only fish that can survive in a fish bowl is a Betta.

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How often should you clean a goldfish bowl with one goldfish in it?

If you want your goldfish tolive then you should move it into a tank of at least 10 gallons. Goldfish are extremely messy so depending on the size of the bowl and the size of the goldfish you may have to clean it as often as everyday! Remember to always use a dechlorinator.However regardless of how big the fish is right now it will be developmentally stunted if not moved into a bigger container/tank.Only betta fish can live in a bowl.When I got my goldfish my friend who has a Betta and goldfish told me that her fish are BOTH in a bowl and her one just died because it was overfed But she will have them for 2 and a half years in September.

Can you put a goldfish in a bowl?

yes but be careful when if you do make sure the bowl is not got cracks that a goldfish can get slit with

What is the plural of bowl?

The plural form of bowl is bowls.

Why is goldfish bowl always cloudy?

If you clean it out often that shouldn't be the problem, so I would try different food.

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