Withdrawal and Rhythm Methods

If it's the guy's first time using the withdrawal method but not the girl's what are the chances of pregnancy in the middle of her period?

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2007-06-26 15:58:52

The chances of getting pregnant don't really have much to do

with how experienced the sexual partners are--if a sperm fertilizes

an egg, it doesn't matter if its the respective owners' first time

or thousandth time having sex--except for one general fact: less

experienced guys tend to have greater problems with premature

ejaculation. That is, they get so excited that they ejaculate

sooner than one or both parties wishes the guy would. So--while

it's unlikely (but not impossible) for a girl to get pregnant while

on her period, it's fairly likely that a guy during his first time

will ejaculate before he withdraws. Thus, there will be an

increased chance of pregnancy. In any case, the withdrawal method

is a bad idea. It doesn't prevent STDs and it is significantly less

effective than using a condom. In other words, if you're hoping to

catch a bug and/or get a girl pregnant, keep using the withdrawal

method. If not, condoms are cheap, safe, and effective. Buy


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