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If just your low beam went out on your headlight is that a fuse or do you need to replace the whole light?


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2007-11-29 01:00:36
2007-11-29 01:00:36

If only the low-beam is out, you will need to replace the low-beam bulb. It is probably not necessary to replace the entire headlight assembly.


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A sealed beam headlight is just that. The unit is sealed and you replace the entire light. A composite is made of pieces that's why the name. To replace a composite you put a new blub in the back.

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hi,,does any one know how to change the 2004 sienna headlight low beam light bulb? the high beam can be open turn it counterclockwise,,but can't open on the low beam,

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you have to remove the whole mud flap above the tire.

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How to replace right from headlight bulb on 2000 ford contour 4 cyl...?

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get a new light bulb ,take the cover off the light bulb that's broken and replace it.

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