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If last period was June 12th when did you conceive?


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You conception around 2 weeks before your last period, which would make it 6/26/07.


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Somewhere between February 12th and 16th if you have a 28-30 day cycle.

If you are due June 6th, you must have ovulated on or near September 12th. Your due date given to you is 38 weeks from the day of ovulation and 40 weeks from the day of your last menstrual period.

its simple, when was your first day of your last period so that mean you around conceive June 26,2006--you add your first of last period and add 14 day-this means the 26 days of June and make your due date march 19,2007-congrat

You conceive almost immediately after you have sex.

The approximate date of conception was June 23rd 2009. The start date of your last menstrual period is estimated at June 9th 2009

If the first day of your period was Feb 25th and you normally have a 28 day cycle or close to it, then you were probably fertile from the 6th to the 12th of March. Mrs Treble Clef.

Around June 3rd to June 13th.Your due date is 40 weeks after the first day of your last period.You actually conceive while you are fertile which is usually about 2 weeks AFTER the first day of your last period.So technically, the day you become pregnant, you are usually (medically speaking) 2 weeks pregnant.

You can conceive a child 6 days before your period do date so the 20-25 day after your period ended

The approximate date of conception was June 24th

June 10th ( you add 3 months and 7 days) opposite for the day of your last period) I am a Medical Assistant

I don't know when you conceived because I don't know when you had sex. Anyhow, if May 12 was your first day of last period then May 12 is your first day. June 12, then, would be 4 weeks pregnant IF you conceived after May 12 & before June 12.

You ovulate 14 days before your period starts so if your periods have regularly been every 28 days you would have conceived around the 26th June.

You can conceive on your last day of your bleeding depending on individual rates of fertility. Some people it could take days but some can conceive on that last day.

I would say on or about last June 8th.

The approximate date of conception was April 18th

Yes it lasts 40 weeks from your last period, because you ovulate and conceive 2 weeks after the start of your last period

that has been about 5 months ago you are peregnet

When's your due date or the date's from your last period?

yes you can If you are trying to conceive you could be ovulating or that could be your last period. Let me clairfy for you if you are cramping where is the pain coming from it your left side then maybe you ovlulating How normal was your period was it on time was it normal for you. If not then you could have conceive prior to this period

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