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You will probably die. Water is an excellent conductor for electricty. At least you will die without burn marks :P

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Q: If lightning strikes while you are in the bathtub what will happen?
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Is it dangerous to use a cell phone during a thunderstorm while in the house?

well lightning will not strike it(because it,s wireless),but if you are on the phone while lightning strikes,the thunder can make your hearing sences bad!!!!!

Why won't you be harmed if lightning strikes your car while you are inside?

Because the car will act as a Faraday cage (the electricity will flow round the outside).

What would happen if you got struck by lightning while on a bike?

you would fall off

Is it more likely for a person to be struck by lightning while standing below a tall tree or a short one.give reason?

Below a tall tree because lightning usually strikes the tallest point. If you are beneath a tall tree, the lightning will be pointed in your direction.

Can you use computer while there is lighting and thunder?

You shouldn't....if something bad were to happen (like a close lightning strike or just really bad rain) the computer will probably turn off itself because of a power surge or something. But you should turn it off. almost 75% of lightning strikes are caused because someone was using a piece of technology in a thunderstorm.

Can you use a cell phone while in a bathtub?


Have their been any experiments to haRNESS lightining?

Oh, yes, plenty. Trouble is that lightning is very random, and not reliable as an energy source. On top of that lightning strikes are very short-lived, so while they can do tremendous damage there isn't actually that much energy in them.

What can cause a forest fire to start?

Many things, these include cigarettes, charcoal, matches, even a lightning strike. ----------------- I just checked with Smokey the Bear: While lightning strikes can cause forest fires, nine out ten are human caused. Sad, ain't it?

How can I be struck by lightning?

hold a lightning rod up to the sky while lightning is striking

How did jim Morrison die from?

He had a heart attack while in the bathtub.

What happens when lighting strikes while your in the air..Example if you were to jump before the lighting struck your body. Would you get less of a shock since you are not grounded?

If the lightning strikes you and the ground, your body would indeed be grounded. The arc of electricity from you to the ground is just as deadly, and your body would be a conductor.

Can electric tornadoes happen?

No. While tornadoes are usually accompanied by lightning and can sometimes produce static discharges, electricity has nothing to do with the way they work.

Can you give me a sentence with lightning?

it was a cold frosty night while lightning was in the backgorund

What is lightning and how does it happen tell in oder how happen?

Static charge builds on the clouds. When the charge reaches a high enough level it discharges, sending a large current through the air. The enormous current superheats the air, which expands and contracts (thunder) while it gives off a burst of light (lightning).

Is lightning more dangerous than fire?

Fires can be more dangerous and destructive than lightning storms. Fires make take a while to be put out, while lightning is quick and not constant.

Does the lightning bolt come up while the iPod is charging in a wall charger?

It does come up, & it only take no more than 5 seconds for this to happen.

What happen when light strikes a smooth and shiny colored glass?

If the glass is translucent then some is reflected back while some frequencies pass through. Ultraviolet is blocked by glass.

What is the answer to number 81 on the impossible quiz?

go to this website: or if you can't, number 81 is you run your cursor up and down the lighting rod for a while, then the lightning strikes it and you passed that question. good luck! i beat it. (:

What strike could damage a computer?

Lot's of "strikes" could damage a computer. An airstrike, striking it with a hammer, angry laborers could destroy it while striking, etc... If you are referring to a test question, it probably means a "lightning strike."

What is cloud to cloud lightning?

cloud to cloud lightning looks as if it is lighting up the whole sky, while cloud to ground lightning looks more like a lightning bolt.

What is the safe distance from Lightning while swimming?

The safest distance from lightning while swimming is in your house. If you hear thunder it is possible taht lightning could strike you. If you are swimming and you hear thunder the best thing to do is to go inside.

What would happen if you got struck by ball lightning?

We aren't quite sure. Ball lightning is extremely rare and has been documented causing little or lots of damage. Some airplanes have had ball lightning gone through them without damage while some barns have been set on fire in the past. It's not very explained

Does cold air expand?

No. air actually contracts as it gets colder, while air expands as it gets warmer. For example, lightning is so hot, it causes the air to heat up intensly. This rise in temperature causes the air to expand so fast, that it breaks the sound barrier. This causes a sonic boom, and that is the thunder that you hear after lightning strikes.

Can you get shocked by lightning while riding a bike?


Is it dangerous to be in water while you can see lightning?