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Mandarin is NOT the most widely spoken language. It has the most native speakers, but it is only spoken in China and Chinese Territories.

English is the most widely spoken language in the world.

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Probably English, currently. While there are certainly journals published in other languages, those papers intended for the widest possible distribution are generally written in English.

Because the British had the largest empire of all the colonizing powers - thus, it was their language which was promulgated the widest and to the most people.

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The home language of the largest number of people is Zulu. It is spoken by almost all the African population of KwaZulu-Natal province, and by a large number of people in Gauteng province. It is also widely spoken as a second language.The widest language of popular communication is English. There are many languages in South Africa, so the one that most people use for communication in business, politics and other non-domestic situations is English. A foreign tourist traveling in South Africa could be understood almost anywhere in the country if he/she speaks to locals in English. But most people speak another language at home.

The Times of India (TOI) is a leading English-language broadsheet daily newspaper in India. It is owned and managed by Bennett, Coleman & Co. Ltd. Which is owned in turn by the Sahu Jain family. The newspaper has the widest circulation among all English-language broadsheets in the world. In 2005, the newspaper reported that (with a circulation of over 2.4 million) it was certified by the Audit Bureau of Circulations as the world's largest selling English broadsheet newspaper.

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One of the best places to teach English as a foreign language is a country that has English as its official language!Because ....# The student(s) will be living in, and possibly 'within' an English-speaking community. Consequently they will be entirely surrounded by the English language! e.g. The media, the people, the culture, shops, restaurants, entertainment and recreational venues, everything!# This will provide the student with the widest possible range of opportunities to absorb English language and to practice it. # To enhance the formal tuition, the teacher will be able to draw from the vast range course materials at hand, taken from everyday life.# 'Total immersion' in the English language is the most effective way to learn: the student 'has to' learn! # It is best if students minimise, or, even better, totally avoid exposure to their own mother tongue. The less time they speak with friends in their mother-tongue, or listen to, or read things their own language, the quicker they will learn English, its vocabulary, grammar, idioms, rhythm, intonation, etc. Living in an English-speaking place is the best place to achieve this!# There is no doubt that such an environment will be be very hard work for the student, at first, but it will make a very deep and lasting impression on them.# Soon they will be using English automatically. They will begin 'thinking in English'. # Some students find, after only a few weeks of intensive English in a situation like this, that they may have difficulty remembering some of their own native language! Language 2 will have replaced language 1 in their brains! Success!

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Jalapeño is a type of pepper. It is spicy but flavorful. It is about 3 inches long (8cm), and an inch (2.5cm) at the widest point. the I do not know the language of the term jàlapeneo. I suspect it is an alternate spelling in a different language.