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Anwser:Men can be very complicated to read. They have there different ways of showing there love. Weither it be a kiss on the cheek, a flirty hug. A present, a thought about you, or anything... At first its hard to read them, but... "And notice i said But".... when you start watching their actions when they are around you. You can tell.. for example at my work there is an older man that likes me. He is older. And i sorta have feeling for him as well. At first he was hard to read. But then it was a flirty hug. Smiles back in forth. Lil converstaions here and there. And the surprise gift he gave me a necklace. If he tells you that he thought about you when he looked at something or tells you you are special. Then id say yeah he has the hotts for u... hope this helped.... Good luck
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Q: If men do fall in love then why can't they show that love in a way that women can relate to?
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