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If mice interest cats so much why is there no mouse-flavored cat food?


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* There is cat food flavored in mouse, but Due To FDA Rules we cant import it. * It's because mice can carry diseases and to process such food could be too expensive.

* Actually who knows what mouse tastes like? Could be one of those things we think tastes like chicken. Having had cats all my life, I'm pretty sure it's not a matter of how the mouse tastes, more likely it's the size of the mouse and the scurrying. It's a cat's feral urges to hunt, kill, and eat smaller things. Also, cats have their own tastes, just like we humans do. For instance, my cat hates tuna and chicken, yet he loves blackberries, blackberry jam, ketchup, tomatoes. * I don't think that its the taste of the mouse, I think its the playing. I live in a old country home and have mice, and my cats love to play with them, but they only kill them in the end. Never have I seen them eat one, or even try to. * There is also the case of marketing. People are probably more likely to buy cat food that has meat that humans eat, as it sounds more appetizing to them.