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* There is cat food flavored in mouse, but Due To FDA Rules we cant import it. * It's because mice can carry diseases and to process such food could be too expensive.

* Actually who knows what mouse tastes like? Could be one of those things we think tastes like chicken. Having had cats all my life, I'm pretty sure it's not a matter of how the mouse tastes, more likely it's the size of the mouse and the scurrying. It's a cat's feral urges to hunt, kill, and eat smaller things. Also, cats have their own tastes, just like we humans do. For instance, my cat hates tuna and chicken, yet he loves blackberries, blackberry jam, ketchup, tomatoes. * I don't think that its the taste of the mouse, I think its the playing. I live in a old country home and have mice, and my cats love to play with them, but they only kill them in the end. Never have I seen them eat one, or even try to. * There is also the case of marketing. People are probably more likely to buy cat food that has meat that humans eat, as it sounds more appetizing to them.

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Why do cats like mice?

Mice are food to cats.

Do cats eat bunnys?

No. Cats eat cat food or birds and mice.

Why do cats hate mice?

They don't hate them, they consider them food.

What is mice afraid of?

Poisoned food, Cats, and worse of all you!

What do calico cats eat besides cat food?


What is the relationship of the cat and mice?

cat and mice relationships are like battle tanks with wars they keep fighting. in the wild cats use to farm mice for food they are not always friends. if you wanted to test it. some other cats will come eat the mice still always keep mice away from cats. feral/other cats will come eat the mice.

Why are outside cats thinner than inside cats?

It's because of the food they eat. Inside cats are fed cat food, and cat food usually makes a cat gain more weight because some of the cat food ingredients. Now, a outside cat doesn't eat cat food. A outside cat eats stuff like mice and birds. Mice and birds don't have the ingredients cat food does. And outside cats have to hunt the mice and birds, and sometimes the cats don't catch the mice or birds. Sometimes it catches somthing sucessfully and sometimes it doesn't.

What do cats dream?

mostly about mice or food, or what has happened during the day

Do cats and mice get along?

cats eat mice......

Are cats afraid of mice?

no cats are not scared of mice because they eat mice

What do cats need to eat?

Cats eat either dried or wet canned food or mice if you live in a rural area/farm but usually cats prefer cat food if their house cats.

Do cats find there own food?

yes like mice and rats and birds

What can eat mice?

Since mice are quite low on the food chain they are usually eaten by predatory animals. Birds, cats, and snakes are the main consumers of mice.

Do cats eat mice?

Yes, Cats Eat Mice. They Find them.

What attracted cats to humans?

Mice. Humans invented agriculture, and then granaries to store their surplus food, which attracted mice and other small animals. The cats followed the mice. The domestication of cats actually happened before recorded history, but considering the timing, it's a good theory.

Why did people start using the proverb when the cats away the mice will play?

this is directed back to the food change where the cat is higher the mouse and that mice are able to do what they want in the house when the cats are not around.

What would eat mice?

Mice are at the bottom of the food chain. Birds of prey, snakes, lizzards, cats, dogs, wolves, cyotes,

Why do cats eat the heads off mice?

Because Cats have Instincts. In the wild cats (such as tigers) have to hunt for their food. Most Cats (that share our homes with us) catch Bugs and mice. Its their Insticts to hunt. even though they are domesticated, they will always have some wildness in them :]]

Do cats prey on mice birds?

Mice and birds do often get eaten by cats.

How cat produce his own food?

Cats can not produce their own food. They can hunt for their food in the form of mice, frogs, insects ect.

Why were cats idolized by ancient egyptians?

Interest in cats started because of their ability to kill rats and mice. Because they saw cats as a representative of good, ancient Egyptians began idolizing cats. Cats were known as earthly forms of gods.

Do cats really like mice?

cats tend to play with mice but do not like to eat them.

Why did tom hate jerry?

Get tutoring; cats hate mice Cats eat mice.

What kinds of cats eat mice?

Most all cats will hunt and consume mice .

How do wild cats get their food?

They get their food by hunting other animals. Wild domestic cats hunt mice, birds, and squirrels. Wild cats like lions hunt zebras. Small wild cats like lynxes hunt rabbits.