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Yes, they can.

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How long can wages be garnished in Massachusetts?

Basically, until the debt is paid. In some U.S. states the garnishment order must be renewed after a specific time, in most an writ of garnishment will continue in the debt is paid in full.

How do you file to continue the garnishment of retirement pay for child support?

The question that would arise first is why it would be stopping if child support is still owed?

Does filing bankruptcy stop garnishment of wages due to judgment on credit card debt?

Filing bankruptcy can stop a garnishment immediately. Ifall funds that have been garnished have been properly exempted, the garnished funds can even be returned to the debtor. When a bankruptcy is filed, a special provision of the bankruptcy code kicks in and stops all creditor action to collect a debt. The special provision of the bankruptcy code is Section 362 and is called "the Automatic Stay". The Automatic Stay is a court order to all creditors to stop collecting debts immediately. When a paycheck or bank account is garnished, money is taken from the paycheck or other account and held until a certain time when the money is supposed to be delivered to court and turned over to the creditor. The date that the creditor is supposed to pick up the garnished funds in court is often called "the return date". If a bankruptcy is filed before the return date set for the garnishment, the garnishment is immediately stopped and the creditor cannot continue to collect the debt through the garnishment method. However, understand that the debt the garnishment is paying isn't extinguished or will be resolved in the BK. The above probably won't apply to child support or such...which rightfully gets no breaks.

Does a Senator continue to receieve a salary after retirement?

No, they do not continue to receive a "salary" after retirement. They do receive a pension which varies and depends on years of service, age at the time of retirement, and salary. They are also eligible for social security if they qualify.

What does the phrase 'garnishment of wages' mean in the English language?

Wage garnishment means the deduction of money from the salary of an employee. Wage garnishment will continue until the debt is paid or arrangements are paid to pay off the debt.

In the state of Michigan can a deficiency judgment garnish wages?

Garnished wages happen because a lawsuit was won against you. These wages will continue to be garnished until the judgement is paid completely.

If you retrun a car the is being repoed will your wages still be garnished?

If the lender has obtained a judgment against you, and garnishment has begun, yes. The lender will continue to garnish your wages until the balance of the debt is paid. This could include the remaining balance after the vehicle was sold at auction and all costs, interest, and penalties incurred by the repossession.

How long will SpongeBob continue?

3 more yrs till retirement

Average age of retirement for an ultrasound technician?

The average age of retirement for an ultrasound technician is 65. This job is not difficult to do as you continue to get older.

Can the IRS garnish your ssi back payments?

NO- SSI, Supplemental Security Income payments cannot be levied or garnished.But SSDI payments can be garnished by a Federal Government agency (IRS, tax, defaulted student loans).And if a creditor other than the federal government tries to garnish your Social Security benefits, inform them that such an action violates Section 207 of the Social Security Act (42 U.S.C. 407).Section 207 bars garnishment of your benefits. It can also be used as a defense if your benefits are incorrectly garnished. Our responsibility for protecting benefits against garnishment, assignments and other legal processes usually ends when the beneficiary is paid. However, once paid, benefits continue to be protected under section 207 of Act as long as they are identifiable as Social Security benefits.

What is the retirement age in the UK?

The retirement age was previously 65 has been phased out so that now, most people can continue to work for as long as they would like.

Are you officially retired after 30 years with a company if you take a retirement fund but continue working?

You could call it officially retired from your old job or company since you did take a retirement fund but you continue working. You could call it semiretired just what ever you want to call it.

Should you continue having your wages garnished or should you set up an installment plan with your education loan lender?

If you have the option of setting up an installment plan with your student loan lender (or any other lender), that is always a better bet than having your wages garnished.

Who founded the first retirement communities?

First Community retirement home for elders was fouded by First Comunity Church. They continue to be sponsors for them to this day and as far back as over 50 years ago.

Can interest still accrue on a garnished credit card?

You bet it can ... The CC companies will continue to add interest at the specified rate until the balance is paid off in full.

Why did Barry Sanders stop playing football?

His explanation after his retirement was that he'd played ten years and simply did not wish to continue playing.

In the future will there ever be robots?

They currently exist, there is no reason to think they won't continue to exist.

Is the barrier reef currently growing?

The Great Barrier Reef will continue growing for years.

How much can you earn at age 69 and draw social security?

There is no limit on earned income once you reach full retirement age. You will continue receiving your full benefit regardless of your work situation. If you were born before 1943, full retirement age is 65; between 1943 and 1954, retirement age is 66; between 1955 and 1960, retirement age gradually increases to 67.

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Currently there is no sequel to the Rock Lee and his ninja pals anime.

What retirement benefits do music producers have?

Most music producers retire at the age of 63 and they continue making money until they pass on!! XD

How many years will SpongeBob continue?

I'm not sure; but on wikipedia, it says Spongebob will continue for a ninth season. Spongebob is currently in his eighth season. (2010-present)

Can you still receive student loans to continue pursuing graduate degree while having wages garnished on previous student loans?

Absolutely not. You know that phrase "there are no stupid questions"? It's a lie.

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That is currently uncertain. The manga needs to continue before this can be answered.

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No. Not currently anyway. Mojang, the company who own Minecraft, will continue to update it, however.

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