If mitosis or meiosis fails what is the consequence?

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New cells will not be produced.
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Do homologues synapse in meiosis or mitosis?

The homologous synapse in meiosis more specifically in prophase.The homologues is also called homologues chromosomes and they firstpair and then separate from each other.

How are mitosis and meiosis similar?

they both produce new cells(apex) they both have prophase and metaphase (anaphase) They both involve duplicating chromosomes. they both have simular steps.

Differentiate mitosis from meiosis?

mitosis is the cycle of splitting into two cells. this only happens in normanl cells like bone, skin, etc. meiosis is the spitting of a normal cell and creating a sex call. Ex: a cell from the kidney goes through meiosis and becomes a sperm cell in males or egg cells in females. meiosis has the same ( Full Answer )

What is meiosis and mitosis?

Mitosis- its a division of one cell; into two identical cells. prophase, metaphase, anaphase, telophase and cytokenesis are the steps. Meiosis- its a division in which one cell divides into four different cells. Prophase, metaphase, anaphase, telophase, then prophase 2 metaphase 2, anaphase ( Full Answer )

How is mitosis different from meiosis?

The difference between mitosis and mieosis is that mitosis createstwo cells with the same number of chromosomes as the original cell,and mieosis creates four cells with half the number of chromosomesas the original cell (theses cells are used for reproduction) Mitosis is the process of cell division ( Full Answer )

What are the difference between meiosis and mitosis?

Meiosis and mitosis are the two processes through which cellsreproduce and divide, but they don't work the same way. Mitosisoccurs in cells of all living organisms, whereas meiosis occursonly in humans, animals, plants and fungi. The main differencebetween these two processes is that Mitosis' functi ( Full Answer )

What are mitosis and meiosis divisions of?

Mitosis is division of a cell. Consists of the stages Prophase, Metaphase, Anaphase, and Telaphase. Mitosis is part of the cell cycle. Meiosis is the division of a sex cell. Such as sperm or egg. Meiosis is unique because it goes through the stages twice. Prophase I, Prophase II, Metaphase I, and ( Full Answer )

How does meiosis differ from mitosis?

Mitosis makes new cells that are used during growth, development, repair, and asexual reproduction. Meiosis makes cells that enable an organism to reproduce sexually and happens only in reproductive structures. They both lead to cell division, rest is different. Meiosis ( Full Answer )

How is meiosis similar to mitosis?

Both meiosis and mitosis are forms of cell reproduction. They both have a prophase and an anaphase. Both are forms of cell reproduction/ Both are forms of nuclear division. Meiosis occurs in generative cells and mitosis in somatic cells.

Meiosis is similar to mitosis how?

Both involve the division of a cell. However, in mitosis it the division of a cell to produce 2 genetically similar daughter cells. Meiosis is the division of a germ cell to produce 4 haploid gametes/sex cells

How are the cells in mitosis different from meiosis?

The cells in mitosis are body cells. The cells in meiosis are sex cells. In meiosis the sex cells divide 2 times to make 4 sex cells. in mitosis the body cells divide once to make 2 body cells. body cells have 46 chromosomes and sex cells have 23 chromosomes because when a sperm and an egg come toge ( Full Answer )

Which is better meiosis or mitosis?

Both processes are required for different types of cells. Each process is better for the specific type of cell it is associated with. Although both result in cell division, in animals, meiosis always results in the formation of gametes, while in other organisms it can give rise to spores. Mitosis ( Full Answer )

What are the divisions of meiosis and mitosis?

answer \nThe simple stages of mitosis and meiosis are :\n. \n. \n(Mitosis and meiosis)\n. \nInterphase\nprophase\nmetephase\nanaphase\ntelephase / cytokinesis\n. \n(Only meiosis)\n. \nprophase II\nmetephase II\nanaphase II\ntelephase II / cytokinesis\n. \ncc

List one possible consequence of errors in mitosis or meiosis?

A possible consequence of errors during mitosis could be that two daughter cells don't contain the correct amount od chromosomes. This would result in the cell killing itself during interphase because of this genectic error.

What are the final outcomes of mitosis and meiosis?

Meiosis = 4 cells with only half the number of normalchromosomes as a normal cell. These are the sex cells, also known as gametes. Mitosis = 2 genetically identical cells (the parent cell andthe daughter cell).

Why do humans require mitosis and meiosis?

For their cells to grow, and thus themselves to grow. E.g. meiosis is occurring right now in whoever is reading this, because some part of your body is growing in some way.

Is the zygote dividing by mitosis or meiosis?

A zygote is created by the fertilization of two haploid cells created by meiosis. Because a zygote is fertilized by two haploid cells, it is diploid. It then has to divide and grow though mitosis like any other body cells.

Mitosis is to somatic cells as meiosis is to what?

Germ cells. Somatic cells perform mitosis to get genetically identical daughter cells, and germ cells perform meiosis to get genetically different cells. In gametophytes, it's known as generative cells.

Why meiosis is called modified mitosis?

Meiosis is very similar to mitosis. Meiosis produces two "half-cells" after the first cell division. Mitosis, however produces two fully genetically capable cells. After mitosis, the cell products can reproduce by themselves. Meiosis is a "modified" version of mitosis, meant for genetic diversity. ( Full Answer )

Why do cells undergo mitosis an meiosis?

Mitosis: Cells undergo mitosis to replace dead cells. If there is/are cell(s) absent in any part of the body, mitosis occurs to replace the missing cell(s). So basically, if an organism is able to keep all its cells from being harmed in any way, mitosis will never be required as no cell will need r ( Full Answer )

How do meiosis and mitosis work together?

meiosis and mitosis do not work together because they replicate different types of cells. They are different because (1) the number of daughter cells produced after the end of the cycle (2) meiosis goes through 2 stages while mitosis goes through one and (3) they both reproduce different types of c ( Full Answer )

Are humans mitosis or meiosis?

Humans do both. Meiosis is sexual reproduction while mitosis is thedividing of cells to produce new ones within the human body.

What does mitosis and meiosis share in comparison?

They both 'perform' highly complex and specific operations on chromosomes. Both start with two pair of chromosomes - one newly synthesized (4N). Mitosis ends with one pair in each of two daughter cells (2N), while Meiosis ends with four gametes each having one chromosome (1N).

What parts of mitosis are similar to meiosis?

they are both the same in how they replicate cells. but meiosis replicates sex cells. (sperm and egg) but while mitosis makes 2 daughter cells. meiosis makes 4

Where does meiosis and mitosis occur?

they are types of cell division. meiosis makes haploid cells and mitosis makes identical cells, so wherever u need these things to happen, they happen. meiosis is used to form gametes and mitosis to create normal body cells.

How are meiosis and mitosis are similar?

Similarities between meiosis and mitosis --both are a type of cell division --both have no new gene combinations when each new cell splits --each new cell has the same number of chromosomes --both are involved in DNA replication --both have interphase, prophase, metaphase, anaphase, and tel ( Full Answer )

What do chromosomes do in meiosis not mitosis?

In mitosis, the end result is a DIPLOID chromosome. In meiosis, which is the process of forming new gametes (sperm and egg), the chromosomes split longitudinally at the centromere, resulting in a gamete which is HAPLOID, ie, it only has 50% of the normal number of chromosomes. When the egg and sperm ( Full Answer )

Is Meiosis and mitosis the same?

No Mitosis reslts in 2 identical cells, meiosis results in 4 cells with half the number of chromosomes of the original cell. So mitosis produces 2 diploid cells, meiosis produces 4 haploid cells. Mitosis is growth, meiosis is production of sex cells.

Why meiosis is sonsidered superior to mitosis?

It would be wrong to consider mitosis insignificant as it helps in cell repair and replacement in our daily life and it would be impossible to survive without it and asexual reproduction as well but if it weren't for meiosis, none of us would have been born :) Meiosis is responsible for the division ( Full Answer )

What cells undergo meiosis and mitosis?

Somatic cells (body cells) undergo mitosis. . An example of this could be a skin cell, as the skin cell replacing the dying skin cell must be an exact clone. . Sex cells (gametes) undergo meiosis.. Because meiosis results in half the number of chromosomes in it's daughter cells, gametes are the ( Full Answer )

What are similarities and differences of mitosis and meiosis?

the similarities is that they both are the prossess of makingcells. the difference is that mitosis makes regular cells with forhumans 46 chromosomes, and meiosis is making reproductive cellswhich for humans have half the chromosomes so they have 23chromosomes. how i remember this is that for meiosis ( Full Answer )

How does mitosis and meiosis differ?

· Mitosis produces new cells with genetic material identical tothe original cell (diploid cells); used in asexualreproduction, growth, repair, and development. · Sex cells are produced by meiosis. (egg and sperm)(haploidcells)

How are mitosis and meiosis different?

Mitosis occurs in somatic cells and meiosis occurs in reproductivecells. The basic difference is that mitosis results in the production oftwo daughter cells that are identical to the parent cell, whereasmeiosis results in the production of 4 daughter cells that differfrom the parent cell in chromos ( Full Answer )