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check after 2weeks

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Q: If my last period was Nov 7th when can i check if am pregnant or not?
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Could you be pregnant if your period is 6 days late but comes on the 7th day?

No i don't think so you could not be pregnant if you have your period

If an ultrasound shows that you are 9 weeks 2 days pregnant today 11.08.08 when did you conceive I have no idea when my last period was.?

Implantation occured June 7th. First day of last period was most likely May 24th.

What are the chances that you are pregnant if..the last day of your period was on the 13th and you had unprotected sex on the 17th 20th 23rd2 25th He ejaculated inside be all five times?

The first day of your period is the important day, not the last day. If I assume that the first day of your period was around the 7th, that would mean you have pretty good chances of getting pregnant this month.

You had a period Aug 7th 2007 then founfd out you were pregnant on sept 7 2007 when did you get pregnant?

Likely around august 23rd.

Could you be pregnant if you were due for your period on the 2nd and had very light spotting from the 3rd to the 7th but not really a period although you did have cramping?

this is not a sure sign that you could be pregnant it could just be an irregular period mayb eif you are under any stress or if youhave changed your diet. however this can sometimes happen when pregnant and if you think you could be pregnant then you should have a test or contact your doctor.

When did you get pregnant if your due date is November 28?

Based on a normal gestation period of 40 weeks the conception was on March 7th

How many kids does Lucy Kinkirk have on 7th heaven?

she has only savannah. she gets pregnant at the end of season 10 with twins but she has a misscarage. on the last episode she announces shes pregnant again.

How long does an employer have to pay employee final pay check after termination in the state of Texas?

I was terminated on the 31st. of August . Received my last check on last Friday the 7th. which was the scheduled payday. You should get your check on your regular payday . Hope this helps

You are 11 your period starts on the 7th and you are going swimming on the 12th - will it be finished by then?

Your period can last three to seven days. It all depends on how your body works. Everybody is different.

If you got pregnant on August 14 when would be my due date?

Based on a normal gestation period of 40 weeks the due date is May 7th

Can you be pregnant if your period is 6days late but comes on the 7th day?

yes, but only if the bleeding you are getting now is implantation bleeding, you also may want to look at a possible hormone imbalance. a hormone imbalance can cause irregular bleeding and even stop your period. best to get a pregnancy test just to make sure, but you should definitely check out the health department if your not pregnant to see if you need hormone replacement therapy medicine.

No period last month and then this month had some spotting started on the 7th and gone on the 9th?

Perform a HPT - home pregnancy test.

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