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Absolutely not. You'll have to contact each credit bureau and challenge each account. It's frustrating, but it's worth keeping your credit score up and your history clean.

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How can you delete your bieber fever account?

It deletes it automatically if you stop paying

How do you delete a wolf quest account?

well, you must delete it off your computer then it automatically deletes your account(s) hope this helps :-)

Can you deactivate your twitter account without deleting it?

No, deactivation deletes your account.

Why does my iPad automatically delete history?

To many history stored so it deletes when it's full

How do you delete conversations on Pinger textfree online?

I just found out that it supposeibly deletes automatically after 72 hours

Can someone on Facebook have their account permanently suspended?

normally facebook just deletes your account. (you can just start again.)

How do you delete conversations on Movie Star Planet?

well you cannot delete it but as your conversation gets longer it deletes automatically

How do you delete frequently visited pages in opera?

go on and it automatically deletes the pages you choose. Each time you go on them.

How can a user lose his account on YouTube?

Simple. If youtube deletes a certain number of videos that belong to you (I think two or three videos) then they cancel your account. I'm not sure about the set number. I do know that Youtube deletes your videos if you upload a copyright video such as a movie.

Reactivate your adultfriendfinder account?

When the user deletes an account, the datum is not recoverable. Accounts are permanently active unless the profile suspended or deleted.

What are the features of hotmail?

Emotians in your mailkeyboard shortcuts to zip through your email without a mouseEnhanced securityAutomatically deletes Junk mail if you set it to do soFree 100%250 MB of memoryAutomatically get an msn accountCalenderSpaces ( a profile )GroupsSpell CheckerAttatchments up to 10MB in size

Answer when you delete your YouTube account can YouTube delete your playlists if so when will they delete them?

When you delete your account, it deletes all of your videos. Therefore, your playlists are deleted, too.

How do you get your account back when stardoll deletes it cause your bad?

you make a new one or just leave it alone! :)

Your spouse is sending receiving email from a former boss she deletes them all they talk on cell phone she deletes the numbers he left the company 3 years ago is their an affair going on?

Possibly :(

How do you delete your Honeyzweb account?

Yah this is the first answer LOL but you can't delete a honeyzweb account honeyzweb only deletes an account if you don't go on it for a few months (= add me im missirock

Do you lose all your characters when you upgrade your wow account?

No, you do not lose any characters when you upgrade your account. The only times you lose your characters is if you happen to delete them, or if Blizzard bans your account and deletes them.

How do you delelet a Twitter account?

Log in, go to settings and under account settings click on "Deactivate Account". This permanently deletes your account. If you think you will want to use your username or email address with a future account then you should change them before deleting your account.

What commands successfully deletes a user account sarah and removes the user's home directory?

userdel -rh saraha

How do you keep your account before stardoll deletes it?

Stardoll is not going to delete you account. As long as your active you will be fine. People are jus making up rumours dont worrk about it :)

How do you delete your littlest pet shop account?

All you need to do is never go on it for 365 days and it permantly deletes itself.

How do you get out your bay from a nursery in babydow?

There is no way to cancel a stay at a nursery unless the player who owns it restarts or deletes the nursery or her account.

Can you delete your minecraft account and if so how?

1.make the username and password public 2. hundreds of people use your account 3. Notch doesnt want people playing for free 4. he deletes your account

How can one delete their Yahoo account?

If someone deletes their Yahoo account, they will not be able to recover any information or reactivate their account. Yahoo has a specific "Account Deletion" page one can access after signing into their Yahoo account prior to deleting their account. You will be asked to verify information such as your password and then confirm account removal.

How do you delete friends on facebook on your iPhone?

There is an easy way to delete friends on the facebook iphone app. Click on "account", then "privacy settings", scroll down to "Block Lists" and click "edit your list". Type in the person's name and add them to your blocked users list...this automatically deletes them from your friends list.

Why do your comments still appear on others' YouTube channels if you deleted your YouTube account?

When you delete your YouTube account, it just deletes your channel (and videos, if you have any).Comments do not disappear from videos and Channels.