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If one of the first signs of pregnancy is a lot of creamy discharge can you still be pregnant without that symptom?


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2015-07-16 19:18:08
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It is possible yes or you may simply be ovulating or have a yeast infection.


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Constipation is just a symptom of pregnancy...not a sign of pregnancy. Many women experience bouts of constipation during pregnancy, but if you do not have constipation then count it as a blessing. If you take a home pregnancy test and your doctor confirms your pregnancy then you are pregnant with or without constipation. Good luck! mom to three children and pregnant with her fourth!

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Hello. Some women have naturally bumpy breasts and areolas without being pregnant. But if you think you're pregnant then this could also be a pregnancy symptom. Wheter you are pregnant or not, you are worried, so go to the doctor.

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No. Some women sail right through pregnancy without having a single symptom such as nausea or dizziness - but they are the exception rather than the rule. It has been known for women to go into labor without being aware they are pregnant, but that is very rare indeed!

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Increase in appetite does not indicate you are pregnant on it's own without any other symptoms. It it a symptom though. Because of this I recommend you perform a pregnancy test 2-3 weeks after having intercourse.

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You would know if you are pregnant without using a pregnancy test by checking the vagina,and sticking your finger up through your vagina,and then If it tastes like cheese,you are pregnant.

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