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Whom ever signed the CONTRACT is the one(s) who owes the money. Pink slip doesnt count when it comes time to pay.

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Q: If only the cosigners name address SSN and signature on all the pink slip and all the other papers who owns the car and owes the money?
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Here you can be divorced from your wife even if she is living in another country. You can courier the papers and get her signature, and you could tell her that you would pay the charges , and send her the money.

Can a money order be cashed without purchasers signature?

Technically, no. The Purchaser's signature is like the signature on the front of a personal or commercial check. Some money orders do not have a place for the Purchaser's signature, but at least a place for the purchaser's name and/or address. If the money order were cashed or deposited by an individual, the originating bank may reject the money order stating that there was no official authorization for issue. In other words, they could argue that some shady employee could have cut the money order on the sly for their own personal gain. Therefore, the funds would be bounced and the depositor or person cashing the money order would incur a fee.

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It's fraud, and obtaining money or goods under false pretenses, and forgery. In other words, a crime. The dealer or lender should have verified ID before they let just anyone sign their name. You shouldn't be responsible if you never signed it, but you would definitely have to pursue legal action against the person who forged your name.

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A money order has certain information that needs to be filled out. The money order has a square shape like a check, but there are areas that require filling out, such as signature of the person sending the money order called a purchaser, the name of the person or company that it is being sent to or payee, and the address of the person sending it. The amount of the money order will also be on it.

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