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Football QuestionIf the man standing on the sideline tackle the guy running down the sideline, then it would be an interference because once you step off the field and back on you inactive for the rest of the play and it would not count so the referee would not advance the ball at all.

*Because this is a blatant rulebreaking which has the potential to prevent a touchdown or great yardage gain, the ref would probably give a personal foul and a fifteen yard penalty, or even might award the penalty touchdown. The player concerned (the one who tackled) is also quite likely to be ejected for extreme misconduct.

If you are talking like what Woodey Hayes did, there is a rule in all levels for 'flagrant fouls'. The referee in these situations can make any penalty he deems fair, including awarding points.

2011-05-26 15:18:48
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Q: If player a is running down the sideline and player b standing on the sideline tackles him and he fumbles does the referee advance the ball?
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Can the sidelines referee give cards?

No, they can't. Only referees can give cards. However, a sideline can suggest to th referee that a player should be booleed or sent off. But the referee takes the final decision

What is the foul line in soccer?

I am a soccer referee and I have never heard that term before, I would imagine it is the sideline.

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Can a referee caution a player who delays the taking of a freekick by standing less than ten yards from the ball?

Yes, because the player can either be asked to move back and do so, or stay there and not listen to the referee. If the player does not listen to the referee he/she wil be cautioned.

How many officials in a soccer match?

In a professional football match, a referee takes overall control of the game. He is accompanied by two assisstant referees (formerly known as linesmen) who patrol one sideline each. A fourth official oversees substitutions and will take over from the referee if he's injured.

How many umpires are there in soccer?

There are usually 3, sometimes 4. 1 runs around the field and is the center, or main, referee. 2 are on the sideline of one half to call offsides or to see something that the center can't see. Sometimes there is another to show substitutions or take place of an injured referee.

How much referees get paid?

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What is the yard wide white sideline stripe on a NFL field?

It's an area designated specifically for the referee to run down the field unimpeded so that he can follow the play closely and make an accurate call. The team and coaches should all be behind that line, so that the referee doesn't have to run into the field of play and possibly interfere with the athletes.

How many referees are on a soccer field during a soccer game?

There is three official referees, one running on the field and one on each sideline. They do have a reserve/4th ref who is out of the field. Currently there is an experiment with an extra referee behind the goals.

Who is responsible for determining where a ball should be spotted on a punt that goes out of bounds?

If the line judge is able to tell exactly where the ball crossed the plane of the sideline, then he will immediately go to that spot on the sideline. Otherwise, the line judge will begin walking back toward the line of scrimmage with his hand raised, and the referee (who would have watched the play from behind the punter) will stop him at the point where the ball crossed the plane.

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