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If player a is running down the sideline and player b standing on the sideline tackles him and he fumbles does the referee advance the ball?

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2011-05-26 15:18:48

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If the man standing on the sideline tackle the guy running down the

sideline, then it would be an interference because once you step

off the field and back on you inactive for the rest of the play and

it would not count so the referee would not advance the ball at


*Because this is a blatant rulebreaking which has the potential

to prevent a touchdown or great yardage gain, the ref would

probably give a personal foul and a fifteen yard penalty, or even

might award the penalty touchdown. The player concerned (the one

who tackled) is also quite likely to be ejected for extreme


If you are talking like what Woodey Hayes did, there is a rule

in all levels for 'flagrant fouls'. The referee in these situations

can make any penalty he deems fair, including awarding points.

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