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If you have sex while on your period, It won't stop. It takes your body time to acknoledge your pregnant. You may slow down to spotting. If you are pregnant, your next month's cycle will not be appearing. Although I spotted one day around the time I should of got my period when I was pregnant with my second son. A little spotting is normal, although I would suggest talking with a ob-gyn. I hope this was helpful.

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Q: If pregnant how long will it take for your period tp stop?
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What natural remedies can you take to stop your period?

The only natural way to stop your period would be to get pregnant.

How long does it take to be pregnant after you have your period?

Immediately. You can become pregnant at any time in your cycle.

Can you be pregnant if you had a light and long period?

Maybe it a chance you can ...there are risks that you kan take

How do you delay your menstrual cycle for a week?

You can take Norethisterone which will stop your period for as long as you take it.

How long does it take for you to know tour pregnant?

A person can now find out if they are pregnant before even a period is missed.

How long do you have to take fertility pills to get pregnant?

There is no law requirng their use. After you get pregnant, I would assume you would stop.

How long should i wait to test after i stop bleeding?

If you are having a period most likely you are not pregnant, so don't waste your money on a test. IF for some reason you don't have a period next month, then take the test.

How long after you stop taking milk thistle is it safe to get pregnant?

It is actually safe to take milk thistle while you are pregnant.

How long does it take to get your period after a D and C?

Most women get their period within the month. Be careful becasue you can get pregnant before this.

If you think you are pregnant but you still have your period when is the best time to take a test?

If you get your period, you're not pregnant. ---- Take the pregnancy test after your period.

How long does it take to get pregnant if you stop taking the pill after three years?

There's no definite answer to when you'll actually become pregnant, but once your period has returned to its natural rythm your chances of pregnancy are back to where they'd be if you hadn't been on the pill.

How long does it take for a pug to get pregnant?

when she is in heat. (on her period) most fertile days are the 11th-15th

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