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could be a vacume leak or a bad switch. A 2002 Intrique is an all electric cruise control. The fuse for the cruise control is in the passenger side dash panel. The controller box is located on the driver side strut/spring tower. A cable runs from the throttle to this box, which has a winch inside. This winch has a flat nylon ribbon on it that attaches to the cable just outside the box. If the controller is working, the nylon ribbon has broke. A new box is ~ $200. A roll of the perfect size strap is 80 cents at Wally world. Sew the new ribbon to the old making very sure you get the length as close as possible. If it is too long, you will set the cruise on 80 and it may not pull the throttle til 35, no problem, just shorten the cable. On the opposite side make sure there is enough slack to let the throttle close when the box is off. Hope this helps.

I just got a new car (Toyota Corolla S) with cruise control and after I press the cruise control button, a CC light comes up on the dash. However, this is not engaging the cruise control. You may need to flick one of the levers near or on your steering wheel to engage. Hopefully one of these two answers helps you.

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Q: If pressing the cruise control button on your steering wheel engages the light on your dash but doesn't engage the actual cruise control where could the problem be?
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