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College coaches are always recruiting high-school athletes to come play for their college team after they graduate. Several young students are hopeful that they will receive a sports scholarship because it is the only way they can afford to pay for their education. Colleges give away over $1 billion in sports scholarships to worthy student athletes. If you are just going to sit back and hope a college coach comes knocking on your door, you probably will be sitting there for a long time. You may be the best athlete at your school, but you still need to make an effort if you want to receive a sports scholarship. There are thousands of student athletes and not all of them were lucky enough to receive a scholarship.

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Q: If scholarships are not just for good grades and sports, how do you find them?
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How are some ways to get a scholarships?

sports or good grades or you could just buy yourself into a college.

How can you join this college?

Good Grades and Scholarships

How sports help you get scholarships?

Depends If Your a Good Athlete In That Particular Sport But You Have To Be Academically Good Also.....Such as Good Grades!! But Its Very Helpful To Be Good At A Sport To Receive A Scholarship....

What are the ways to receive scholarships from colleges?

If your grades are very good there are many places looking to give scholarships to people with good grades. Depending on your situation and location there are also minority scholarships that can help you pay for college.

How do you get a free scholarship to UC Berkeley?

To get a free scholarship into UC Berkeley, you want to work hard and get good grades. You can get free scholarships through playing sports as well.

What kind of things can you scholarships for?

you can get scholarships for good grades in high school, athletics, ability to speak a foreign language, music

How should athletes get good grades at sports?

striving hard to get high grades

Why should students be get good grades to play sports?

Students should get good grades to play sports because if their focusing on their grades they will be not paying attention to the coach or they will rather be sitting out of the sport.

Should student athletes have good grades to play sports?

No, I believe that if athletes have passing grades, that will be enough to play sports.

Where can you find information on undergraduate scholarships?

The scholarships that are available to undergraduates will be found in the resource or guidance department of your college. There are only a few that are available to undergrads, but as long as you maintain good grades, you will be able to apply for others.

What are some good facts about playing sports with bad grades?

Get your grades up! Da!

Do you need good grades to play sports?

It's a good idea.

Should athletes get good grades to play Sports?

No, grades and sports performance are different aspects of being a collegiate student-athlete.

Do high school sports improve grades?

No, but it is good to show that you have done activity's like sports on your record. But they do not improve grades be playing them.

Where can I get scholarships for good grades?

You may need to check with any scholarships your school offers for academic performance. Usually these types of scholarships are offered by the school you attended or by college you are trying to get into.

Should students have to have good grades to play sports?

hell no!

Why shouldn't students have good grades to play sports?

School Before SportsWell... The more you focus on sports... The less you focus on school work. And if you aren't paying attention at school then your grades will drop. So in order to play sports I think you should have good grades and keep them good so you can continue to play sports.....

Where can women find a good online scholarship?

You can find scholarships for women at or Both sites have scholarships specifically for women.

Shold students athletes have to get good grades to play sports?

i don't think so but you have to at least get some good grades I too think that should students shouldn't be required to have good grades to be involved in sports. but the problem is that the grades make the students work harder to achieve something that they want.

Should students need to get good grades to play school sports?

yes because if you focus on sports you will get bad grades but if you really want to play you'd get good and and be able to play

What are facts about playing sports with bad grades?

. you can't play unless you have a 3.0 or higher . try to get good grades

What is a good website to find scholarships?

Effect of failing grades?

Some effects of failing grades. When you have failing grades you don't get good jobs or get scholarships or even pass school. When youhave failing grades and don't pass school you will have to redue school all over again. So try to get good grades through out school.

Can you get a decent college scholarship with a 20 ACT score and 3.2 GPA?

You may be able to get a scholarship with good grades and a good resume. Apply for any and all scholarships in your hometown with civic organizations and sports. You may be able to net some good money for school.

Why students dont have to get good grades to play sports?

At my school they do they have to have a 2.50 GPA