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Q: If seat belt is fastened will fasten seat belt light go off?
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Why might the seat belt light not go out when the belt is fastened on a 1988 Nissan Maxima?

That light will go out as soon as you fasten every seat belt in the car.

Your fasten seat belt light stays on the dash in your 99 prism when your seat belt is fastened what does this mean if anything?

Check the wiring to the seat belt anchors. I would suspect you will find a wire loose, broken, or unhooked.

What do you do when you first get in a car?

Fasten seat belt.

What does we fasten when we sit in a car?

seat belt

How do you turn off the seat belt warning on a Renault Modus?

Fasten your seat belt.

How do you turn off seat belt warning on a buick lucerne?

Fasten the seat belt.

What are some sample flight attendant announcements?

"Ladies and Gentlemen, the Captain has iluminated the fasten seat belt sign. It is now necessary for all passengers to remain seated, with seat belts fastened. Thank you. "

Why won't my seat belt fasten on 2000 Chevy blazer?

The seat belt might not fasten in a 2000 Chevy Blazer because there is a foreign object in the slot where the seat belt fits. Even the tiniest of objects can cause the seat belt to not latch properly.

Fasten seatbelt light flashes on your 1998 corolla when your seatbelt is fastened?

sounds like you have a faulty seat belt fastener - the catch part that holds the strap that comes across your chest. A replacement buckle should fix the problem.

Why is your seat belt alarm going off even when the belt is fastened?

it is broken

What do the passengers usually do first of all?

Fasten seat belt.

Will air bag work if seat belt is not fastened?


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