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If ship FOB who pays the freight?

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FOB means freight on board. What this means is that the person supplying the goods will deliver and load the goods onto a vessel of your choice. You will be expected to arrange the actual shipping of the goods and cover all the costs. For example if I was buying goods in China to send to Europe, I would arrange a boat to ship my products overseas, when this is all booked, i would tell my supplier in China the name of the ship and when it will be at the port of origin (where the goods are coming from).They will then have to arrange the goods to be loaded onto the ship within the timeframe specified, after that, it would be my responsibility.

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Does fob mill mean the shipper pays the freight or the buyer?

I am guessing "freight on board" which means loaded but not transported.

What does CIF mean in shipping terms?

CIF means Cost Insurance and Freight, which means the seller pays to get the load to its destination. The alternate is FOB--Free On Board--which means the buyer pays the freight and insurance.

If buyer pays the freight cost of delivering merchandise what is the delivery term?

Free On Board Destination (FOB Destination). This means that the seller pays the the freight costs from the shipping point to the buyer's final destination.

What is the difference between FOB destination and FOB shipping point?

FOB (Freight On Board) Destination and FOB Shipping specifies whether the buyer or seller owns the goods, and therefore, who pays for the shipping and includes the items in their inventory. FOB Destination means that the seller owns the goods until the buyer receives them. Therefore, the seller pays the shipping costs. FOB Shipping means that the buyer owns the goods once they are shipped. Therefore, the buyer pays the shipping costs.

What is the meaning of the FOBS acronym?

The acronym FOB stands for 'free on board'. It refers to freight costs of shipping deliveries in business, and denotes the point between the seller and buyer where the goods do or do not have the freight charges paid for. For example, if a Los Angeles popcorn company buys popcorn from Alaska, and the Alaska seller declares the purchase to be FOB Alaska, or FOB their own warehouse, this means the buyer must pay the freight from Alaska to California. If the seller states the popcorn purchase is FOB Los Angeles, or FOB 'your door', then the Alaska seller pays the freight to that logistics point.

What is Freight term FOB?

FOB means Freight on Board. It means the seller is responsible to load the freight on the truck and the buyer is responsible to pay the freight costs from the dock to the destination. Prices are sometimes followed by FOB . For example car prices are listed as FOB Detroit. This means the price without shipping added.

Difference between FOB and C and F?

The Difference b/w FOB and C&F is FOB + Insurance + Freight = C&F I.e Insurance and freight in both the valuation.

What is meant by fob origin?


What is cif and fob means?

- CIF is Cost, Insurance and Freight - FOB is Free on Board

Freight on board?

Free on Board (FOB - U.S. Domestic Use)Shipped under a rate that includes costs of delivery to and the loading onto a carrier at a specified point.- FOB Freight Allowed: The same as FOB named inland carrier, except the buyer pays the transportation charge and the seller reduces the invoice by a like amount.- FOB Freight Prepaid: The same as FOB named inland carrier, except the seller pays the freight charges of the inland carrier.- FOB Named Point of Exportation: Seller is responsible for the cost of placing the goods at a named point of exportation. Some European buyers use this form when they actually mean FOB vessel.- FOB Vessel: Seller is responsible for goods and preparation of export documentation until actually placed aboard the vessel.Freight on board (F.O.B.) is a trade term meaning the party (usually the shipper/vendor/supplier/manufacturer) at the origin port is responsible for delivery freight to the receiving location as agreed and indicated in the trade term.For example, FOB Buffalo, NY vs. FOB New York, NY.FOB Buffalo, NY means shipper is only responsible for moving goods to a Buffalo, NY receiving location. It could also be shipper's factory location. The buyer is suppose to arrange all freight moves from Buffalo to its destination.FOB New York, NY means vendor is responsible to move goods to a terminal/ a rail ramp/or a receiving warehouse in New York, NY. Then buyer takes over the responsibility of the freight till it gets to the destination.

The shipping term FOB stands for?

Freight On Board.

Who will pay dead freight on fob terms?

The carrier

You are shipping an order by ocean to India freight collect what are my FOB terms?

They are the the freight on board terms

What does shipping terms FOB NINGO mean?

FOB means "Free on Board." It requires the purchaser to pay freight from wherever it says after "FOB." Ningo is an area in Ghana. So...FOB NINGO means you have to pay the freight bill from the shipper in Ningo, Ghana, to your loading dock.

Meaning of fob value in shipping?

The abbreviation FOB in the shipping industry means Free on Board or Freight on Board. The invoice that has this abbreviation on it means that the seller is paying for the freight charges.

What does fob and fis and cnf mean when shipping imports?

When shipping imports, the acronym FOB stands for "Freight on Board". FIS means "Free in Store", and CNF is for "Cost and Freight".

Train is to freight as ship is to what?

A train carries freight. A ship carries cargo.

How do you ship freight?

One may ship freight by air, land or sea.

What are the types of freight forwarder?

Air freight,ship freight,road freight,rail freight

What does fob mean in shipping terms?

FOB - Free on BoardFOB is one of The 11 Incoterms® rules:RULES FOR SEA AND INLAND WATERWAY TRANSPORTFASFree Alongside ShipFOBFree On BoardCFRCost And FreightCIFCost, Insurance and FreightRULES FOR ANY MODE OR MODES OF TRANSPORTEXW Ex WorksFCA Free CarrierCPT Carriage Paid ToCIP Carriage And Insurance Paid ToDAT Delivered At TerminalDAP Delivered At PlaceDDP Delivered Duty Paid

How do you calculate landed cost?

FOB Price $ 100 Freight

What do you mean FOB Hong Kong?

Freight on Board. It means you will pay the freight charges from Hong Kong to where ever you are.

What is difference between Fob Cif and cfr?

In the United States FOB is used for domestic shipping and CFR for international shipping. FOB means Freight on Board or Free on Board or the shipper loads the truck or train car. The buyer is responsible for shipping fees. In the United States, the trucking line or Rail Road Company is responsible for the cost if the merchandise is destroyed in an accident. CFR means the shipper pays the expenses of getting the shipment onto the boat or airplane. Shipping fees are the responsibility of the buyer. Insuring the merchandise incase of shipwreck or piracy is also the responsibility of the purchaser. CIF means the seller pays for the expenses of getting the freight loaded, the insurance, and the freight.

Who pays the freight cost when the terms are FOB destination?

FOB (Free On Board) Seller fulfills his or her obligation to deliver when the goods have passed over the ship's rail at the named port of shipment. This means that the buyer has to bear all costs and risks to loss of or damage to the goods from that point. The FOB term requires the seller to clear the goods for export.

What is the difference between freight collect and freight prepaid?

freight prepaid is the shipper pays the freight cost and freight collect is the consignee whom burdens for the cost related.

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