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No. First, it depends on the pill. Secondly, you're taking half the amount you would. Sure, taking a half a pill your first time may feel the same as taking a whole pill after you've been taking Ecstasy a lot. But if you took the whole pill your first time you'll feel twice the affects.

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Q: If some took half an ecstasy pill for there first time would it do the same effect as it would with a whole one?
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How will ecstasy effect a baby that breast feeds?

Ecstasy would probably cause the baby to have physical defects and become malnourished. If the ecstasy was taken during pregnancy, the baby probably already had mental and physical defects. Do not breastfeed if you do or have done drugs!

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Does ecstasy go into your spinal cord?

no, this is an urban myth. it was started by peoplemisinterpreting the procedure used in finding the effects of Ecstasy They would do a spinal tap to see if the Ecstasy effected certain parts of the body. This doesn't mean that its okay to use Ecstasy, because it does effect your brain, and can cause memory loss, severe brain damage and learning disorders.

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The same thing that would happen if you kissed them whilst not on ecstasy.

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I'm not an expert on drugs, but it seems like ecstasy would make adhd much worse.

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Is it in blister square foil

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