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"If somebody likes to rent apartment for prostitution in Iceland is it legal?"

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Q: If somebody likes to rent apartment for prostitution in Iceland is it legal?
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No, prostitution is NOT legal in Nebraska.

Is prostitution legal in Amsterdam?

yes prostitution is legal

Is prostitution legal in Turkey?

Prostitution in Turkey is legal.

Can you rent out the flat for prostitution in Iceland?

Strictly speaking, if I understand the question correctly, no you can not rent out your flat for prostitution. Icelandic law states that prostitution is legal as long as no one else (a third party) benefits financially from it. But it is hardly enforcable because you could always say that you had not known that the person renting the apartment would be using it for prostitution. As a "landlord" it is really none of your business what the tenant uses the apartment for as long it is not used for illegal purposes. And you could as well argue that hotels that rent a room to a prostitute would be breaking the same law.

Is prostitution legal in Madagascar?

Yes, prostitution (the exchange of sex for money) is legal, but brothels are illegal, prostitution is not regulated

Is prostitution legal in Israel?

Yes, prostitution is legal in Israel, but human trafficking is not.

Is it legal to rent somebody a one bedroom basement apartment that does NOT have a window in the bedroom?

I really doubt it

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Prostitution is legal in the UK, however it is illegal to use the services of a prostitute.

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