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If "taken away" means the the court permanently terminated parental rights or parental rights were voluntarily relinquished making the child eligible for adoption, then the answer is no; the biological parent(s) have no legal rights of any sort to the child. However, if the adoptive parents can voluntarily agree to the visitation of a biological parent without there being any action on the part of the court.

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Q: If someone's child was taken away and adopted can they get their rights back or make it so they can see that child?
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Is child support terminated if your rights are taken?

That depends on the circumstances. If the child is legally adopted then yes.

Should a custodial mother file a child support modification when her child was legally adopted?

Who legally adopted the child?If the mother's new husband legally adopted the child, then the biological father's parental rights had to be terminated first. Which means that the biological father is NOT obligated to pay child support anymore. The new adoptive father has taken on all rights and responsibilities for the child.

Can a parent get their parental rights back?

It depends on why they were given up or taken away in the first place. If the child was legally adopted then the answer is no.

How does a child get adopted from her friends mom even if your biological mom still has custody dy?

You can't. Your mom has to sign away their rights or have them taken away before you can get adopted.

Can temporary custody be granted for an adopted child?

If the child was adopted legally by both parents, then the child becomes subject to any actions that might be taken had they been a 'natural' child.

If a child has been adopted can the biological parents be granted visitation?

No because their rights are taken away. It would be up to the atopted parents then. Sometimes thought they are told that the child can not have any contact with the birth "parents".

Is it illegal for an adopted grandparent to christen a child and not tell parents?

Unless the child was forcibly taken from the home, no.

If a father has been absent from a child's life for years is there a certain amount of time when his rights to the child are automatically taken away to where the child can be adopted by another man?

i don't think so unless the mom goes to court

Can you have rights to a child taken away for no child support and no visitation?

Yes, on the grounds of abandonment. The period of time after which this occurs vary from state to state and all allow for some type of extenuating circumstances (for example, incarceration, hospitalization). It should be noted that in most states, termination of parental rights does not terminate child support obligations unless the child is being adopted.

What happens to child support once rights are taken away?

Child support remains.

If your rights have been taken because of charges involving the child do i you have to pay child support?


How do you take away parental rights for non payment of child support?

The parent have to give up his parental rights voluntarily or the court can do it but child support can be taken out of his wages if he refuses to pay. There are many ways the court can see to that he pays. They don't end someones parental rights for not paying child support because even if the parental rights are gone they still have to pay child support. If you mean his custody or visitation rights, they are a separate issue and does not involve child support. One have to see to what is best for the child and try to let the child have both parents in their life. So go back to the court that issued the child support order and tell them that he is breaking the order by not paying.

Can you be adopted with out parents permishion?

Only of their parental rights were given up by them or taken away for some reason.

If a father abandons his child can his parental rights be taken away?


Can a father sign his rights away because he doesn't want to pay child support?

Signing rights away will not stop any child support from being taken from the father. If the child is the fathers then he is financially responsible for the child weather he has rights or not.

Does a child have a right to live with mother after parental rights have been taken away?

No. Not until the child is 18.

If a child's real parents are not dead can he be adopted by adoptive parents?

Yes, there are situations where a child can be taken from his/her parents, when they are found to be unfit parents and/or are harming the child, then placed in the foster care system and eventually adopted out.

Is a father relieved of his financial obligations if he signs his rights away and the child is adopted by someone else?

Yes, the courts want to see that a father has taken finical responsibility for a child and if the biological father has forfeited his rights through adoption, the adoptive father is now the responsible party, NOT the biological father through the eyes of the court.

How can you get your child back after being adopted?

If you have lost your parental rights, or you gave your child up for adoption, your options for getting your child back are negligible. The only way you could ever even dream of getting your child back is to higher a lawyer and go to court and fight to get your child back. This will be a long drawn out fight because the family that adopted the child are going to fight you every step of the way, and if you had your parental rights taken away, then CPS is going to be fighting you every step of the way as well. Most times, these court cases are not going to end up the way you hope.

Can your home be taken away if you owe child support?

No, but it would be stupid not to pay child support. If you don't pay child support you lose rights to your child.

Can a father give up all rights to an unborn child?

No. There can be no legal custody actions taken until the child is born.

If parental rights are taken away do you still have to pay child support in the state of Maine?


When the father of a child is a minor can his parental rights be taken away and if so how is this done?

No, you really can't. But you can go to the hall of justice and get full custody of your child. * The biological father of a child who is not of a marriage has no legal rights to the child until paternity is established and a petition for custodial or visitation rights are granted by the court.

What happens if the state takes back custody of a child and puts the child in foster care because the mother has no parental rights but pays child support?

Parents usually have to pay for their child even if it is the state that has custody. The child is taken away and parental rights terminated in order to protect the child. If you want your parental rights back and custody you will have to turn to the court.

Can your child be taken if you did not relinquish your parental rights?

The courts may give custody/guardianship of the child to someone else without your relinquishing your parental rights. The court may terminate your parental rights upon a finding that you are an unfit parent.