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Who is asking this question?? email is the most impersonal of contact info to request... so what do you think?? Maybe they just want to be able to send you an e-mail. As Freud said, "sometimes a cigar is just a cigar". Dont' analyze things too much.

2006-07-08 22:21:39
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How do you find someones email address on Facebook if you are not friends with them?

It is not possible, if someone is not your friend, then you can't see their email address.

How do you to know email address of your friend?

how do you know your friends email address?

What do you do if you know someone and you to be friends but first you want their email address?

You cannot obtain their email address without actually talking to them first, introducing yourself and becoming their friend - then if so desired they will give you their email.

Is it possible for someone to get your address through your email?

If you have your address on your email profile, it would be possibe for someone to get it if they were to hack onto your email.

How do you contact someone on Facebook if not on Facebook?

On facebook you can email to contact someone if you know thrit rmail address. On Home page you can invite friends by email. Hope you find that someone! CALL HIM/HER OR HESHE

How do i contact someone with an email address?


What is the Email id?

Your email address is 'someone@somwhere.something'. The "someone" part is your email ID.

Is the live id on hot mail your email address?

if someone was to ask me for my email address do i give them my live id or email address which is or i have if someone was to ask me for my email address do i give them my live id or email address which is or i have

If you follow someone on twitter will your email address be given out?

No your email address will never be given out.

How do you find email address for someone stationed in Iraq?

I would like to know how do you find the address and email for someone in Iraq?

How do you give your email address to your friends?

Tell them what it is.

How do you know what the email address of a pictures is?

by my friends

Does your email address show when you send a message?

Yes, when someone receives an email you sent to them, your email address is shown.

Can you compose an Email without having an Email address?

The only way is to use someone else's email address

How do you I find out an email address of someone?

ask someone

How do you know if someone knows your email address?

If you receive an email from them.

What is an Email contact?

Someone's email addressorsomeone communicating w/email

What happens if I sync a friend's email address on to my device?

If you sync your friends email address on your device you will receive their mail.

How do you find someones email address on facebook if you are friends with them?

You cant, only if your not Friends with them

What is a fan email address?

a fan email address is where someone can get emails from their fans. You can also tell them ideas thoughts or just email them.

If you want to contact hritik roshan on which email address you can contact him?

His email address is known to his family members and his friends only...

What does the letters Cc stand for on the top of a email?

If you receive an email with Cc listed at the top of an email followed by your email address that means you have been sent a copy of an email which was originally sent to someone else. If you receive an email with Cc listed at the top of an email follwed by someone elses email address that means a copy of the email which was sent to you was also sent to someone else, being the address beside Cc.

If you send someone a Email what can happen is your Email address compromised?

If you send someone an email what can happen if your email address is compromised is that your computer could become infected with a virus. Your account could also be compromised and your email address could be used to send out massive amount of spam.

What is Dwayne wade email address?

Dwayne Wade does not give his email out to the public. Only his close friends, family and business associates will have his personal email address.

Jr ward email address?

She is on myspace, yet she doesn't accept new friends unless you know her email address. not nice.