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Absolutey it's called abandonment. The law states after a REASONABLE amount of time the dogs can become the property of the perosn who has posetion of the dogs.

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It can only be considered abandonment if you have not had contact with the owners and/or they have not been providing you with the necessary funds to care for their animals... I had a neighbor and friend once who found it necessary { do to the fact that the building he was living in at the time was sold by his landlord and he was evicted}to leave his dog with a former friend of his for a period of two years{ took him that long to find accomidations that would allow dogs}... during which time he was in constant contact with the his friend and would send money weekly {like you do with child support} to pay for anything the dog might need... He would also visit with the animal whenever he could.... If the dog needed to go to the vet he was the one to take it.. He kept records of every transaction made, every visit, Etc... Well needless to say when the time came for him to take his dog back his "friend" would not allow him access to the dog and took him to court to try and gain custody of the animal Stating that the dog had been in his care for two years and that my friend/neighbor had in fact not had anything to do with the dog for that long of a period of time... Well because my friend had kept accurate records of everything dealing with the dog for those two years he was eventually awarded full costody of his beloved companion..... Check with your local athorities and Animal Control Unit... find out how the laws in your area are designed to deal with such issues..... They may surprise you...... Kechara


It all depends on wether the 'owner' of the dog is still in contact with you and is providing money to take care of the dog and is visiting the dog just to see it.

if the 'owner' is not doing any of this than yes, i guess you could consider the dog yours. Although, like the person above me said, id check the laws in your area first.

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Q: If someone asks you to watch their dogs and leaves them with you for three years can you consider them yours?
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