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If someone bought an electrical appliance in the US would it work in the UK given US appliances use 120V and UK use 240V?


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I was a US Government employee. Me and my family were sent to England where we resided for 7 years. We shipped all our household goods with us including all our US electrical appliances. Once there, we purchased transformers which come in various wattage ratings. The transformer actually converts the 220voltage down to the required 120 volts for US products. Anything with a motor would only be turning at 50 cycles a second vise the 60 cycles of US current. This would only affect the playing speed of say a record player (obselete now) but radios, toasters, coffee pots or anything of that nature would work fine. Hope this has helped.

You need a transformer, as mentioned above.

Note that for running UK appliances in the US that is not necissarily true, as the US has 120/240V service. You'd just need a special outlet for your 240V appliances.


Some, but by no means all, electronic appliances have 110/240V switches to allow use on either system.


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Basically - you're stumped !... If there are explicit instructions with the appliance that you do not use a converter - there is a legitimate reason for NOT doing so ! Your only option is to purchase an equivalent appliance in the country you're going to ! One of the reasons they are telling you you are not to use a converter - is that most US converters are only 2-pin. The appliance you have may need an earth connection to maintain safety.

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One of the ways electrical appliances can go wrong is to catch on fire because something inside gets damaged in an accident, like being dropped on the floor. The flexible cord or the plug of an appliance may also catch on fire for the same reason, if one or both of them - or the appliance - get damaged or just plain wear out from old age. For that reason it is important, every time just before you use it, to check the condition of the appliance, its flex and its plug. If anything looks worn-out, burnt or frayed, do not use the appliance until the damaged part has been properly repaired or you have thrown the appliance away and bought a new one instead. Also, it is never safe to leave something like an electric iron or an electric kettle switched on, on its own, unattended. The reason for that advice is so that if you see anything like smoke coming out of it, or if an actual fire starts, you will be there to switch it off and disconnect it from the power supply. If it is hot or cold makes no difference to this: it is never safe to leave any electrical appliance on an ironing board, a table or a shelf where it could get pulled off onto the floor if someone catches the flexible cord with their feet by accident. Not only could they get injured from the heavy object falling on their feet - especially a small child - the appliance itself can easily get damaged inside by being allowed to drop onto the floor, so that it catches on fire the next time it is switched on.

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