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Q: If someone cosigns a loan for you will it show up on their credit report?
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Will it reflect on my credit if my father cosigns on a loan with me?

Yes, it will report equally.

If someone cosigns on a vehicle loan does it affect that their credit?

Yes. If the original borrower defaults, and the cosigner is unable to take over the debt.

If a parent cosigns a loan that goes into default and the loan is paid in full what happens to the default status on the credit report can it be removed?

If in the US, then yes. The default will be replaced with paid in full. Simply send proof of the payment to the three credit bureaus.

If someone with good credit cosigns for someone with bad credit will the cosigner's score decrease much?

That is a variable, it could put you in a maxed out situation where you couldn't get a loan for yourself. You only have so much credit to use. Good Luck

If someone cosigns your auto loan are they responsible for your other debts or only the auto loan?

Just for the auto.

Is there any way to know if someone has gotten a loan using your ID?

Yes, check your credit report. All legitimate loan companies will report to the 3 major credit bureaus when they give out loans to consumers. If someone else used your identity to open a loan account, then it should show up on your credit report.

Where can someone apply for a mortgage that has a bad credit history?

If one has a bad credit history, it is still possible to get a mortgage. If one cosigns for a loan with someone else, they have a better chance. One should also attempt to improve their credit. Wells Fargo, Quicken Loans, and many other places offer mortgages.

If someone is a co buyer on a loan will it show up on their credit report?

It definitely will if the main buyer defaults on the loan, but I'm not sure if it shows up when the loan is in good standing.

Does cosigning a loan go on your credit report if the loan is in good standing?

Your cosigner's credit report should also reflect the loan. In this case, it should show as paid on time as agreed.

Does every student loan you cosign for show up on your credit report?

If the creditor chooses to report the loan, then yes, the account will show on your credit report. A co-signer is 100% liable for the balance of the loan, whether reported or not.

Is loan from 403b reported on credit report?


Is it correct for the loan amount of a foreclosed property to appear on a credit report?

what ever the balance was at the time of foreclosure will report on your credit report

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