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Yes, when anyone other than a person who lives in the residence is injured, the homeowner should inform his insurance agent as soon as possible.

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Q: If someone falls in your home and breaks a bone should you contact your insurance company to tell them about the event?
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If someone breaks their foot on my property can I file a homeowners insurance claim for their medical bills?

Yes you May all you have to do is get intouch with your insurance agent or Company.

What should I do if my windscreen breaks?

Get your windshield replaced. Sometimes it does happen. I recommend apple autoglass. You should also contact your insurance company because they will cover it if your windshield breaks, and your replacement will be free.

Does homeowners insurance cover plumbing breaks under the slab?

Contact your agent and ask them if you are covered.

If you leave a key in the backdoor of your house and someone breaks in will you still get paid out by the insurance company. Door was locked key on the inside?

Yes, unless there is an exclusion to the contrary in your policy.

Does comprehensive fix your car if brakes fail?

No, you bought the car most likely with a warranty that may cover this. Your insurance company will not cover failing breaks. They do not inspect the breaks when you but it why would they cover it if they fail. Call your insurance company, they will tell you. You also get a book with your insurance policy that says exactly what they cover.

Why is home insurance so helpful?

Home insurance is extremely helpful because if someone breaks into your house and vandalizes anything you can get it fixed for little money. Also, if there is a fire it is better to have insurance.

Does the landlord pay for other accommadations in the event of a fire If not your fault?

Generally not. This is the reason why it's important to have renters insurance: if you do and a fire or disaster breaks out in your insurance company will pay for sheltering and even the cost of relocating if it will be impossible for you to move back in. Otherwise, the landlord has no responsibilities to relocate you if a fire breaks out. Most of the time when a fire breaks out and you are displaced from your apartment, the Red Cross steps in to help.

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While a 400 dollar payment breaks down to 66.67 dollars per month, the insurance will charge more. you will be paying them a fee for financing the insurance payments.

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If your car breaks down, you will probably need a towing company to come get you. There are a few things that you need to remember about towing companies and what to do before they get there. Call a reputable company instead of someone you have never heard of. The prices might be a little higher, but you know that you will get someone who has the equipment to tow your car. Take everything out of your vehicle if you need to leave it overnight. If you have towing on your insurance, use the policy to get your car towed for free.

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Does home owner insurance pay if your child breaks something in a retail store?


Will insurance pay for a fence falling apart due to age after a neighbor's dog breaks through it?

Get the insurance company of the dog owner to pay. Homeowners insurance is not meant to be a maintenance contract. You as a homeowner are expected to maintain your property and replace things as they wear out. If your fence was properly maintained would the dog have been able to break through it?

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