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If someone falls in your home and breaks a bone should you contact your insurance company to tell them about the event?


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2015-07-16 18:26:53
2015-07-16 18:26:53

Yes, when anyone other than a person who lives in the residence is injured, the homeowner should inform his insurance agent as soon as possible.


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Yes you May all you have to do is get intouch with your insurance agent or Company.

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Get your windshield replaced. Sometimes it does happen. I recommend apple autoglass. You should also contact your insurance company because they will cover it if your windshield breaks, and your replacement will be free.

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Contact your agent and ask them if you are covered.

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No, you bought the car most likely with a warranty that may cover this. Your insurance company will not cover failing breaks. They do not inspect the breaks when you but it why would they cover it if they fail. Call your insurance company, they will tell you. You also get a book with your insurance policy that says exactly what they cover.

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