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Yes, in some cases they can get jealous so keep them in separate cages, put the cages fairly close together. I have heard that cockateils that are brought up from chicks just by humans are more laid back and friendlier. Like introducing a new puppy into your home where an adult dog has had all the attention, it takes time and patience. I just got a puppy 7 months ago and my 3 year old Bichon Frize loved the pup, but was a little jealousy. I just spread myself around a little more and always gave the adult dog the first bit of attention and also fed her first. This lets them know they still retain their pecking order. I also have a cat Molly and she didn't seem to worry one bit there was a new pup in the house. Pets (whether dogs, cats, birds) are really no different than humans and have their own personalities. Some birds, dogs or cats are possessive of their family, while others take it all in stride.

With your first bird always praise and give it attention first, then do the same with your new bird. Get that other cage and sit it next to the cage of your adult pet and let them get to know each other for a few weeks and gradually introduce them to each other.

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If your cockatiel is tame and interacts well with you, you may not want to introduce another 'tiel. The reason is that they may bond and ignore you!

I recently added a new parakeet for my male to have a friend. He was beginning to think he was a cockatiel until I did this. He has become less interested in me and more interested in the other bird now. But since I plan to allow him to breed with her next spring, I don't mind that. They are still as entertaining as ever.

If you introduce another 'tiel into the house, do so with some care. Allow them time to adjust, and do have separate cages. But also allow them to interact outside their cages with each other as long as you have a bird-safe area in which this can happen (if you don't , you need to create one, birds shouldn't be in cages all day!). See how they get along. They may move into the same cage like my cockatiels have -- or they might not get along at all!

Just remember: if your 'tiel is tame, you are risking losing some of that bonding if you get another bird of the same species. If you are getting the parrot bug and wanting another bird, consider a parakeet (budgie), a handfed lovebird, or if you can put up with some noise, a small conure or Quaker parrot (if you are in a Quaker-legal state, not everywhere are they legal to own)

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Q: If someone had a cockatiel for seven years would it be okay to add a new bird to the family or would he get jealous?
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